Youth Workers update

This month we have run stalls at the Floral Hall and the Bike Event. We got a lot of young people involved completing surveys and engaging with our activities and competitions. It was also really good talking to parents and carers and getting their views on what a Youth Club in Hornsea might look like. In the past month, we have set ourselves up on social networking channels (Twitter and Facebook) and we have produced a little “leaflet” which basically gives people all the information they need to know including our dedicated Youth Club number which is: 07514 161 590 – this number can be accessed 24 hours a day. We are currently reaching out to the young people to help us design a new logo. Right now we are using a temporary one. We want the young people to feel as if they have ownership over the Youth Club and this is a good way of empowering them from the start. We are offering free membership to the one that gets selected. We have also started a search for volunteers (adults, 18+) – if there is anyone that is looking for experience working with children or somebody who is just interested and wants to give us a helping hand we would love to discuss this with them. In terms of progress since last time, we have completed a lot of business outreach within Hornsea and we are part way through our Youth outright now. We will be at the Hornsea Bike Event on August 21st and then I will be collating all the data together at which point I imagine I will need to present to the Town Council and then the all important decisions regarding location and the start date can be decided at which point you’ll be invited to our first evening and I imagine it will be quite glitzy and we’ll have the mayor present too! Harry and Viki VOLUNTEER WITH US! Name: _______________________________ Age: ____ Mobile: _______________ Email: _______________________________ Reasons for wishing to volunteer:_________________________ _____________________________________________________ Any experience working with young people? _______________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Skills, talents, interests: _____________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ What evenings are you available during the week? Mon ¨ Tues ¨ Weds ¨ Thurs ¨ Fri ¨ Are you available weekends? Sat ¨ Sun ¨

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