Those of you who have lived in the town for more than a decade will know that this isn’t something new, as you will remember the Hornsea Trading Post which was bought, and subsequently closed, by the Hull Daily Mail.

Issue1We at the Hornsea Community News have felt for some time that a truly local paper has been sorely missed. It was after speaking to the now retired, founder and former Editor of the Post, Doug Orry, that we felt inspired to take on the responsibility ourselves. We believe that Hornsea is blessed with many assets which make it a truly special place to live, work and visit. Apart from the obvious attractions such as the Seaside, the Mere and the Park, we also have a thriving community of creative, generous and talented people. On any given week in the year there are a variety of interesting and enjoyable events taking place, run by community groups, businesses or among friends. Without a local newspaper, however, it is easy to forget about or even be totally unaware of all these great attractions and assets. The main aim of this newspaper is to act as a forum to bring together everything that Hornsea has to offer so that everyone who lives here can be aware of what is happening, enjoy the experience of living here and feel a sense of belonging, community and pride in their town. We aim to leave no stone unturned: covering the important news of the month, looking into the past and the future, providing a platform for community groups and local businesses to publicise and report on their activities, acting as a forum for discussion of controversial issues, and reporting on all the local sports, pastimes and other topics of interest to our area. We aim to make this a newspaper for the people by the people and invite everyone who thinks they have a contribution to make, to write and let us know about it. The success of the paper will depend, first and foremost on whether local businesses are able to sustain it financially. Our best wishes and eternal gratitude go out to all of those businesses who have already given us your support, and we hope that the rest of you will come on board soon. Success will also depend on what you, the readers, provide us with, but we are confident that there is enough ingenuity, energy and community spirit in this town to make sure that the Hornsea Community News is a great read. So, many thanks to Doug and Jill Orry for providing the inspiration and support for getting this off the ground, as well as to all those who have contributed to this first issue. We have been overwhelmed by the good will and enthusiasm that it has received. In fact, the response has been so great that we have found it hard to pack everything in! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. The Editor