Multi-Million-Pound Investment Proposed for Hornsea Seafront

  At the HARP meeting of 4th January in the Town Hall East Riding of Yorkshire Council launched its new proposals to redevelop the Leisure Centre into a multi-service facility for the town.  The proposals were then put on display at the Leisure Centre itself on 18th and 19th January. As part of the plans, millions of pounds will be invested in completely revamping the Leisure Centre, with new facilities to encourage indoor and outdoor sport and play as well as on relocating the Library, Customer Service Centre and Resource Centre at Parva Road. At the meeting enthusiastic officers cited the example of Haltemprice, where combining the Leisure Centre with the Library has brought multiple benefits including a large increase in library usage and increased opportunities to promote health and well being, culture and digital learning. The round multi-purpose building proposed as part of the new South Promenade development which we have featured in previous issues has now been set aside as the same facilities will now be offered from the Leisure Centre.  The rest of the South Promenade development will go ahead as planned. Funding for the new project is already in place and the planning application will be presented by the end of January.  The Council expects that consent will be granted by early summer, allowing work to start in late 2018 for completion by the end of 2019.  The Leisure Centre will be closed during this period. The buildings that house the current Library and Customer Service Centre will be sold off and some private firms have already expressed interest. The Council issued the following press release: With a stunning two-storey extension and high-quality landscaping, the new leisure and learning hub will provide a major new focal point for the central promenade. These proposals, coupled with the upgrading of the Hornsea Boat Compound and visitor facilities at the South Promenade, which secured £3.77million of Coastal Communities Funding in April 2017, would represent the single largest capital investment in Hornsea ever made by East Riding of Yorkshire Council at over £10 million. Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE, Leader of the Council, said: “East Riding of Yorkshire Council is committed to providing the residents of Hornsea with the best possible facilities and to ensure they have continued access to the services they value for many years to come. The creation of multi-service centres has proved to be successful in other parts of the East Riding, providing residents with improved services while reducing running costs for the council by having a number of services under one roof.  It has also led to increased usage and substantially improved the offer to our residents. This investment reaffirms this Council’s commitment to Hornsea and will provide a major boost to the town and seafront’s ongoing regeneration, benefitting both local people and ensuring the best possible experience for visitors.” As well as consolidating the Library, Customer Service Centre and Resource Centre facilities, the revamped East Riding Leisure Hornsea would also see the café and education room originally planned for the boat compound relocate the short distance along the seafront.  However, car parking and other visitor facilities on the South Promenade will be greatly improved.  The boat compound works, due to start in May 2018, are timed to minimise disruption to the commercial fleet and will secure the future of the fishing industry in Hornsea by providing the fleet with better facilities, such as bait and catch storage and improved boat maintenance.  The work will also improve the facilities available for leisure craft by providing additional berths and a safer environment for users and visitors. Subject to the proposals obtaining planning permission, work will start on site in autumn 2018 and would see the Leisure Centre close.  The use of alternative venues in the town will be explored and East Riding Leisure members will be given a discounted membership during this period and are able to use any of the Council’s other Leisure Centres. The Library and Customer Service Centre would remain open until they move. Work on the new multi-service centre is scheduled to be completed by autumn/winter 2019.

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  1. This is being presented as a fait accompli by ERYC. The only advantage is an improved gym as far as I can tell. The public toilet block will be removed from the seafront, leaving our valuable tourists trekking through the new cafe to use the loos. The library and CSC, which were previously due to merge into the library building, will be taken out of our ‘high street’. Coastal Communities grant money was awarded for the south promenade, and I fail to see how the funder has been persuaded to view this ERYC cost-cutting exercise as an acceptable transfer of their funding. ERYC’s assertion that this type of scheme has worked elsewhere does not account for a) location of Leisure Centre, b) town demographics, and c) visitors who boost our prosperity. In order to achieve their cost-cutting, ERYC are prepared to close the entire Leisure Centre for up to 15 months – will residents be offered a Council Tax rebate to compensate for the lack of pool, gym, sports hall etc, etc?

  2. Moving the Customer Service and Library outside the centre of town is not a good idea. It seems to me that any proposals in any town which benefit the Council will allways get passed despite the public’s views.

    1. Hi I’m very sorry but totally disagree with your view point on this as I think you will find do a vast amount of Hornsea residents. If you follow the planning application you will see that overwhelmingly that all but 1 of the comments are in support and on social media you will find over 75% are in support on the current polls etc

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