Lockdown inspiration

As we find ourselves in another lockdown we have compiled some inspiring ideas and resources to help pass spare time.


We asked the Hornsea & District Friendly Gardeners Facebook Group for advice on what you can be doing in the garden. Here are their tips:

Joshua Johnson: “It’s a bit frozen at the moment, but there are some pruning jobs to do. I’ll be pruning my climbing roses to train them to get the most flowers. Training branches horizontally keeping a framework of a few strong branches. Apple and pear trees can be done now to encourage fruiting. It’s a good time for garden wildlife. Bird feeders are attracting lots currently. Cracking or melting the bird bath will bring lots in.”

Sam PH: “We are looking forward to starting to sow some flowers and vegetables, and chitting early potatoes. We will have an extra greenhouse this year so will be extending our produce!”

For those colder days Jane Denton has a recommendation: “I recently joined the Hornsea Pebble Art group. Clive is full of good ideas and support. It’s a great occupation for days that are no good for working outside. Also keeps you away from the ironing pile”

Nerys Johnson also has some recommendations for indoor activities to get ahead in the garden. She said: “I’m making candle holders from old sea sculpted bricks ready to go into the garden when the weather is better.”

ACTIVITY: Nerys Johnson is making candle holders from old sea sculpted bricks ready to go into the garden this summer while in lockdown


Nerys added: “I’m also making 1-200-hour candles for heating the greenhouse or garden. I soak and peel off the labels from nice coffee jars and wash them thoroughly.  Then slowly and partially melt two packs of vegetable ‘lard’ like Trek (75-70p each) don’t use animal fat as it will stink as you burn it as a candle!

“I melt it partially and then turn the heat off as the heat from the melted fat will melt the rest. Leave it to cool enough so that you don’t crack the glass, the glass jar must be completely dry. In the meantime, take a cheap candle and chop the bottom off with a sharp knife so that it sits below the rim of the jar, low enough to be able to put the jar lid back on.

“When cool enough, carefully pour the melted fat into the jar and leave until it starts to set and turns white. Carefully lower your chopped candle into the centre, if it does not stay in place remove it and wait a bit longer. I’m going to play with adding some colours and an essential oil. As a greenhouse heater, use smaller jars and one block of fat into the jar.

“Place and light the candle in the greenhouse leaving the lid off (test if you need more than one). Place a pottery plant pot (don’t use plastic) over the candle raised up on plant pot feet to allow air to circulate from underneath. The heat rises through the base hole which is now at the top.”


All Local countryside paths and Public Rights of Way remain open. You can exercise alone, with one other person, or with your household or support bubble.  Details of walks in the East Riding can be found at http://walkingtheriding.co.uk/

All East Riding Leisure Centres are now closed. However, during this latest lockdown, East Riding Leisure is reminding residents of its popular YouTube channel. Subscribers can view vlogs, short workouts and full workouts. East Riding Leisure release new full workouts every week delivered by their own fully trained fitness instructors. These include 30, 45 and 60 minute workouts, as a mix of cardio, strength, well-being and classes for those less mobile. New workouts premiere throughout the week, all delivered by fully trained instructors, and all free of charge. More content is being added regularly, so keep checking the page for new classes and updates at: www.youtube.com/EastRidingLeisure

Members of East Riding Leisure can also still enjoy exclusive live workouts with instructors during the lockdown. Every Friday, members will receive links for the workouts for the following week, which will feature a mix of Les Mills and more traditional classes to be enjoyed at home. Places for each session will be available on a first come, first served basis, and participants will be able to join ten minutes before each workout. Sessions will vary from Body Attack to Body Balance, and will feature a range of activities from Zumba to RPM, and many more besides. Full details are available at www.eastridingleisure.co.uk


East Riding Libraries will continue to offer their ‘Order and Collect’ service – customers can either phone their nearest library or order books online at library.eastriding.gov.uk, and then collect from their specified East Riding Library once available. 

Books can be returned to any East Riding Library during opening hours and will be quarantined for three days before being cleaned and returned to shelves.

There is also an extensive online library available 24/7, of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and local, national and international newspapers which can all be downloaded free with your library card. To join the library online (it’s free) or find out more about downloading items from the online library, visit eastridinglibraries.co.uk

There are also free library book deliveries, from East Riding Libraries and the Tigers Trust, for those who are isolating.


You can explore places all over the world as well as museums and galleries with virtual tours through Google Arts and Culture (https://artsandculture.google.com/ ) with an app also available.  There is also a section for games including colouring, crosswords and more. Through the app you can use augmented and virtual reality to do various things from hanging a piece of artwork in your room to transforming food into art.

The BBC shows curriculum content on TV every weekday. Primary-school programming, including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily runs from 9am to 12pm on CBBC and at least two hours of programming to support the GCSE curriculum runs on BBC Two.  Although useful resources for parents and children anyone may find them interesting – a time to remember all the things you had forgotten from school!


East Riding Council have a range of online activities on their Active East Riding website: www.ActiveEastRiding.co.uk

The website is full of ideas and suggestions for people of all ages during the lockdown period when many of the council’s facilities are closed and people cannot socialise as normal.

Examples include:

  • Learn how to draw cartoons
  • Try out puzzles
  • Explore East Riding Archives online, including the Photo Archives
  • Enjoy virtual visits to over 80 exhibitions online
  • Listen to podcasts from Beverley Art Gallery
  • Listen to eAudiobooks
  • Discover Sewerby Hall at home
  • Choose from a range of activities for children and young people of all ages.

Do send us your lockdown activity tips for the next edition: [email protected]

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