Your 3rd Anniversary edition – Issue 36

You may have deduced from the number 36 that this issue marks the third anniversary of HCN. It is therefore time to give a huge thank you once more to everyone who has contributed to it. Top of the list are the businesses who provide the essential financial support, and in particular those who have stayed loyal for the long haul. Perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part but as I visit the traders around town it does seem to me that the happiest and most successful ones are those who have been our greatest supporters. It would be nice to think that the positive publicity and goodwill that we have generated has at least repaid their generosity by helping to boost their customer base and revenues. A special thank you must go to my eagle-eyed proof reader Ann for her patience and professionalism. I should also point out that the mistakes that inevitably slip through the net are usually my fault rather than neglect on her part as some of the late entries succumb to the pressures of time deadlines. This was particularly the case last month as computer problems meant that several ‘short-cuts’ had to be taken. Other heroes of HCN are the members of the fantastic team of delivery people who bring it to your homes in all weathers. When we started this was one of the most problematical aspects of the venture as people would often complain that they didn’t receive a copy. Those complaints have now all but disappeared as we have gradually built up a committed and trustworthy team (many of whom give of their time for free), for what is a sizeable task – even now they are still finding the odd flat or house that they never knew existed! A special mention must go here to Mrs Dunn of Beckside who recently fell over and broke her arm whilst delivering. We send her our deepest gratitude and hope for a speedy recovery. Last but by no means least, are all those of you who contribute the fantastic articles which have prompted so many people to compliment the paper and tell me how they always read the whole thing from front to back! I always feel a little guilty at receiving the praise and point out that all I do is put it all together. So on behalf of the readers I would like to congratulate you, The Community, for what has been a true team effort over the past 3 years and long may it continue! PS I almost forgot to mention two more unsung heroes to whom I owe everything – my Mum, whose typing and book keeping skills are still proving invaluable and Dad who is still the fastest paper boy in town as well as probably the oldest! Download the latest Issue:

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