Hornsea mum crochets random acts of crochet kindness to lift spirits

Kirsty Lamming with some of her crocheted four leaf clovers

Kirsty Lamming from Hornsea has been lifting spirits with her crochet gifts left for people to find.

Kirsty explained: “I taught myself how to crochet a while ago and discovered the Facebook group ‘Random acts of crochet kindness’.  I started making flowers and butterflies then leaving a few around town for people to find. One lady found one of my butterflies and she had recently lost a loved one and it made her smile and feel cared for.”

As Kirsty got better at crocheting she started making different things. These included bumblebees and ladybirds. She started leaving them for people to find. A tag with them said: “I’m not lost, just alone. If I made you smile please take me home. Handmade with love.”

Kirsty sanitises every item before it is bagged and then tagged. She added: “It gives me such a nice warm feeling inside when I hear how people felt when they found them.”

Christmas treats

At Christmas Kirsty felt with the pandemic everyone could all do with cheering up.  She decided to do some Christmas random acts of crochet kindness. This was on a much bigger scale than what she had done previously. She explained: “I made over 400 Christmas items. On various evenings my daughter Sammi and I went for a walk and left them on people gates, fences, hedges and trees.

“The response on social media from the residents of Hornsea who found them was very heart warming.   It made people smile and some had tears of joy. It makes me feel happy that I can bring joy and happiness to people in such sad times.”

CHRISTMAS: Some of the 400 Christmas random acts of kindness Kirsty crocheted and left around the town

Jenny Stone a recipient of one of the Christmas items said on finding it: “Thank you to whoever left this hung on our door, you made me smile! It is beautiful and will be hung on our tree each year.” Diane Williams found one of the Christmas angels. After losing several close relatives as well as her dog in recent times and said: “Someone here in Hornsea has given me a little faith thank you so much.” 

Four leaf clovers

Kirsty has recently made 300 four leaf clovers which she has been leaving around for people to find.

Although Kirsty says it costs her quite a bit to produce so many items the enjoyment she gets from making people smile and spreading happiness makes it worth every penny. She added: “Also it keeps my mind busy as I am concentrating on the patterns.”

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