Coronavirus vaccines rolled out

Residents from Mere Hall Care Home in Hornsea waving their flags after receiving the coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus vaccines are being rolled out to our most vulnerable residents. UK statistics up to and including January 23 show there have been 6,353,321 of the first dose of vaccine administered. 469,660 have received a second dose.  In the North East and Yorkshire up to and including January 23, 905,794 have received a first dose of vaccine. 71,725 have received a second dose. 

The NHS vaccination programme board are responsible for the phased roll-out of vaccines, sites and the vaccination process. When vaccinated you must still follow all current Coronavirus guidelines.

Logistical challenges

Community vaccinations are being delivered by Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Due to logistical challenges and requests from NHS England, each network previously administered vaccinations from one designated location.  Eastgate Medical Group is part of Yorkshire Coast and Wolds Primary Care Network (PCN). This is alongside Leven and Beeford Medical Practice and the Driffield practices. The site chosen for the patients was Alfred Bean Hospital in Driffield. Vaccinations are now being carried out at local surgeries in addition to Alfred Bean. East Riding CCG said: “we would encourage everybody who is contacted, and is able, to attend the vaccination centre they are offered.”  


To help meet the transport need for Hornsea and village residents to Driffield the HART minibus is running a service. This can be booked by calling 01964 536684. The door to door service is £5 return and HART asks that you give as much notice as possible. Hornsea Crisis Support have donated £200 to HART. This is to help fund the shortfall between revenue and costs to fund the service.  

Local vaccine update

East Riding Ward Councillor Barbara Jefferson commented: “I am pleased that our residents are now also receiving the vaccine more locally. The number of vaccines carried out by our local medical staff both at the surgery and at Alfred Bean hospital is fantastic. Thank you to them for all the hard work.”

Issuing an update on Monday, January 25 Eastgate Medical Practice said: “We held a successful vaccination clinic on Saturday, January 23. Over 560 patients attended for their first Covid-19 vaccination. Disappointingly some patients who had booked an appointment didn’t attend or cancel.” They confirmed that 86% of patients aged 80+ have received their first vaccination. They added: “For those who are housebound the GPs and Nurses are planning to visit in the very near future.” They are now inviting patients aged 75 – 79 years old to receive the vaccination at the next clinic which is at Alfred Bean Hospital on Friday 29 and Saturday, January 30. They also explained: “The supply of vaccine changes from week to week and we have no control over which vaccine we are allocated or the quantity.  This means we are able to hold some clinics at the surgery in Hornsea but clinics will also continue to be held at the Alfred Bean Hospital.”

Leven and Beeford Medical practice issued an update on January 21: “We have nearly completed vaccinating all of our over 80’s. Just the housebound left to do now. We have also started booking in our 75-79 years age group (Group 3).” They have said they are getting quite a lot of phone calls from patients requesting to be treated as priority for the vaccine.  They are reminding patients not to contact the surgery to request a vaccine as they will contact you adding: “We are working very hard to vaccinate our patients as quickly as we possibly can. Please don’t get angry at our receptionists if they decline your request.” 

Residential care homes

One of the residential care homes that have been visited is Mere Hall Care Home in Hornsea.  Jan Gledhill, the home’s CQC registered manager, said: “The Doctors and Nurses from Eastgate Surgery who were involved in delivering the vaccinations could not have been more helpful. The procedure was delivered very smoothly and was all over within minutes and residents said they hardly felt a thing. It is a good feeling that residents and staff now have a line of defence against this relentless disease.” One of the residents added: “It’s absolutely essential in the long run for everyone to have the vaccine. It’s alright. No harm at all. Here at Mere Hall, if you have it done you get a little flag!”. Another said: “I’m pleased I’ve been able to have the vaccine and hope that it’ll be a good success for thousands of people.”

VACCINATED: Some of the vaccinated residents of Mere Hall Care Home in Hornsea waving their flags after having the Covid vaccination

Be vaccine scam aware

East Riding residents are urged to stay alert as vaccination scams have been reported in the East Riding area. Unfortunately, some people are receiving doorstep callers, fraudulent calls and text messages offering the COVID-19 vaccination. Please remember, the vaccine is only available from the NHS. 

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