Strongman pulls 14- tonne truck as part of 30 day challenge

Words and pictures by Steven Denniss

ON THE EVENING of Tuesday, September 8 a Bridlington strongman pulled a Mercedes3240 truck as part of a charity challenge.  He pulled a 14-tonne truck 30 metres at Church farm, Garton.

CHALLENGE: Raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation, Bridlington strongman Ryan ‘The Lion’ Linley has decided to pull a truck a day for 30 days (Photographs by Steven Denniss)

Ryan Linley, who is from Bridlington but now lives in Hull, will be pulling a truck a day in September. The challenge started on September 1.

Mr Linley is raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation, which works to turn the wishes of more than 14,000 seriously ill children into reality.

Mr Linley, who works in haulage began participating in charity challenges at truck and motor rallies and usually participates in numerous events each year.

Biggest challenge yet

The latest feat will be his biggest yet as Ryan has completed 9 of his 30 pulls at the time of writing.  Ryan said: “During the COVID-19 crisis, the truck rallies have all been cancelled. I had people tagging me in things like the 25 push ups a day challenge. I decided that was too boring I needed to go bigger.

“We decided as a team to raise money for the Make a Wish foundation, we pick a different charity each year and have raised money for Macmillan and the British Heart Foundation in the past.”

Mr Linley’s current fundraising total stands at £2,390.  He added: “I set the goal to £500 and thought that would be hard to reach!

“I want to say thank you to everyone for their support and donations it’s meant the world to me and my team we never in our wildest dreams thought it would go this far. I’m getting donations from America, and all over Europe!”

Finally when asked about plans for the future Mr Linley replied: “Stay tuned”

Upcoming pulls

– Motus DAF Hull – 11/09/20

– Motus DAF Hull – 12/09/20

– Driffield – 13/09/20

If you would like to make a donation you can do so here:

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