Primary school mum adds fun into the school run

Alice Owen from Hornsea has been bringing smiles to faces with her fun fancy dress. It was originally an idea to make the transition to starting school easier for her daughter.

Alice explains: “My daughter, Isabella, was a little nervous with starting school, she wouldn’t go into class. I made her a promise I would come with a dinosaur costume when picking her up. I mentioned this on the mum’s WhatsApp chat and they all encouraged me to come in it Friday, October 9.”

Alice carrying out her promise at Isabella’s school pick up in her dinosaur costume

Alice added: “Because of the excitement of the children and my daughter rushing out telling all the children ‘that’s my mum!’ I thought it would be an amazing idea to make this a thing for the children worried about school. It takes their mind away from what’s happening with the world.”

Alice looked for something more exciting and asked Isabella what she would like and she chose a unicorn! As soon as it came Alice headed to the next Hornsea Community Primary school run as an inflatable unicorn!
She commented: “As I was going through the school towards the exit my partner and mother mentioned a year five class chanting behind me so I rushed over to say hello!”

Alice dressed as a unicorn says hello to a year five class

Alice and Isabella then decided to cheer the town up and walked all the way through Hornsea on their way home waving to children who wanted to say hello.
Alice added: “I had cars beeping at me and stopping with children inside shouting ‘unicorn’. It’s fair to say they thought it was magic and most thought it was real! My partner and most people said they wouldn’t wear anything like that even if they was drunk. But me, I don’t need anything but happy faces.”

Alice also dressed as a large dinosaur for the Halloween end of half term school run. She has promised: “On the last day of school in year 11, I’ll be making an entrance for pickup!”

Alice as a unicorn picking Isabella up from school

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