WELCOME to issue 54.  Hopefully you will find it full of local news, events and community related activities – I highly recommend the marmalade recipe (page 24).  I must own up to not having made it myself (yet) but have being gifted a jar by Erik and it really is lovely and worth the effort of making your own. 

I’m hoping to create a questionnaire for next month’s edition to gather thoughts on what people are enjoying reading and to help with the future direction of the paper.

The last month has been a sad one for Hornsea as two of the towns residents who have in their lifetimes given much to the town, have sadly passed away.  We remember Roy Kemp and Fred Jefferson on page 23.

Election time

It’s election time on Thursday, May 2 to help with the decision making I’ve given candidates for both Hornsea Town Council and the North and Mid Holderness East Riding Council Wards the opportunity to say up to 200 words about themselves and provide a photo.  I’m delighted to say I have had something back from all of them so hopefully you will find this interesting.

Busy month

When putting all the stories and future events in the paper I can never believe how much has happened in a month and this issue is no different.  Perhaps in time we will need to add more pages to the paper but for now I’m reluctant to make my super team of deliverers bags any heavier.  On the note of deliveries if anyone, especially in the villages around Hornsea, would be willing to deliver any papers to even their street each month I would be delighted to get some dropped off for you so do get in touch.  Also if any businesses in Hornsea or the villages would like any copies of the paper for your customers and you’re not currently getting them please let me know

Happy reading


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