Local East Riding Ward Election Results

The East Riding Council ward election results have seen across the area gains for the Liberal Democrats of six seats as well as gains for the Independents of five seats.  Labour and UKIP have lost all their seats in East Riding Council with the Conservatives losing two seats but still holding 49 of the 67 East Riding Council seats.  There was a 32% turnout across East Riding in comparison to a 64% turnout in the 2015 when there was also a general election.

North Holderness Ward

North Holderness ward had a 35.95% turnout (63% in the 2015 elections) with 8,415 electorates, 3,025 ballot papers issued and 37 rejected papers.  The two councillors elected are:

Barbara Jefferson (Independent) with 1287 votes (24%)

John Whittle (Independent) with 1067 votes (19.9%)

Results for the unelected candidates are:

Tim Bunch (Independent) 1032 (19.2%)

Stuart Addy (Conservatives) 583 (10.9%)

Lee Walton (Yorkshire Party) 477 (8.9%)

Paul Davey (Green Party) 355 (6.6%)

Brian Stockdale (Labour) 239 (4.5%)

Nidge Thornton (Labour) 200 (3.7%)

Graham Johnson (Liberal Democrats) 130 (2.4%)

Mid Holderness Ward

Mid Holderness ward had a 31.68% turnout (67% in the 2015 elections) with 11,202 electorates, 3549 ballot papers issued and 38 rejected papers.  The three councillors elected are:

John Holtby (Conservative) with 1592 votes (18.9%)

Jacob Birch (Conservative) with 1368 votes (16.2%)

Brian Skow (Conservative) with 1221 votes (14.5%)

Results for the unelected candidates are:

Matthew Grove (Independent) 1128 (13.4%)

Andy Shead (Yorkshire Party) 862 (10.2%)

Jayne Birkett (Labour) 638 (7.6%)

James Ireland (Labour) 563 (6.7%)

Colin Stoneman (Labour) 550 (6.5%)

Eliza Whitaker (Liberal Democrats) 510 (6%)

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