Time stands still in Hornsea

By Margaret Knapton

Many of you may have noticed that the clock at the United Reformed Church has not been working since August. It is missed by so many people.

Clock history

The church was built between 1872-74 by Samuel Musgrave of Hull.

We assume that the clock was installed at the same time, being made by Mackrill and Lait of Hull. We have little information on this, if anyone has we would be pleased to hear from them. 


The workings of the clock now need to be removed and taken for cleaning and realignment. The auto-wind system also needs replacing and modernising. This would have a back-up power supply during power cuts and automatic adjustment for BST, saving several journeys up the spire!

The repair process has been hampered by ‘lockdowns’ and Covid restrictions. We now have a more local firm who are able to complete this specialist repair and bring the clock back to life.

The cost of this repair will be £5,613. In addition, to ensure an annual servicing contract can be secured, we need to carry out work on the spire. This will make it more weather secure.


This is a big sum of money for the church to find. We are hoping everyone who looks up at the clock and thinks ‘oh, still not working!’ or who has fond memories of the church would like to support us in raising this sum of money.

You can donate via our Just Giving page on the church website www.hornseaurc.org.uk 

Together, we hope to get this outstanding clock ticking again soon – thank you.

NOTE: Since this article was written Hornsea Town Council have also voted to donate £75 from their community fund to the church towards the clock repair.

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