The Hollis Recreational Ground continues to go from strength to strength, but still needs your help

Since their appointment, the new Admin Trustees for the Hollis have worked tirelessly to improve all its facilities. The list of what has been achieved so far is exhaustive but one of our major successes so far is in the saving of hundreds of pounds per year by simply stopping dripping pipes and repairing the boiler. With the bar being the main social area for pre, inter and post-match entertainment and private events, it quickly became the aspiration of the Hollis Trustees, like the Sports Association before them, to improve it. A major undertaking to say the least, with a lot of man-hours spent planning in the early days but, after a few months, everything was in place and the toolboxes were at the ready. The New Bar So, after rallying the troops, the volunteer workforce started cleaning out the bar and cellar in the week leading up to Easter and at 9.30 pm on Good Friday, all the work was completed giving the Hollis its brand-new cellar and revitalised bar. In no particular order, huge thanks must go out to the following people:, Iain Bland, Richard Webster, Graham Janes, Ray Gibson, Tom Copeland, Zoe Topham, Roanna Bland, Amanda Spencer, Lynsey Rust, John and Pat Topham and Andrew Keyworth. A special thank you to the ladies who came unannounced armed with their marigolds and blitzed the clubhouse from the toilets to the bar in a mammoth cleaning session. The week was to say the least, testing at times but the assistance we received was unfaltering throughout. Our thanks also go to the following for their commercial support: Molson Coors, Woods of Hornsea, PDS, Hornsea Plumbing & Heating, David Limb, Bodymax Sports & Remedial Therapy and Withernsea Sands Holiday Park. Well over 230 hours of donated time and over £4,500 went into the refurbishment to provide this wonderful facility for all the people of Hornsea and beyond. In the very near future the bar and social area will see the installation of free wifi for members and contactless payment facilities. The Hollis now has a bar, cellar and social space to be proud of so please feel free to pop up, watch any of the clubs in action and be refreshed in our facility! We Need Your Help Cleaning Up The Mess The Trustees still desperately need your help with its most pressing issue; the safety of all players at the Hollis! Whether for our own players or our visitors, which include young children, ladies and men, we have a legal responsibility and are fully committed to stopping the persistent re-offenders who allow their dogs to roam free and foul our pitches. Please can we remind you that dog fouling is not only deeply unpleasant, it is dangerous and illegal. Contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis – a nasty infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma, blindness or seizures. On many occasions, the Trustees have politely asked a gentleman who continues to allow his dog to exercise freely and foul our pitches to observe the new enforcement notices. Unfortunately, these requests are only met with a torrent of abuse and an unwillingness to invest in looking after the health and welfare of all at the Hollis. We are extremely grateful to the majority of dog owners for being so understanding and sympathetic but appeal for your help along with other members of the public in policing the minority whose irresponsible actions are continuing to put people’s health at risk. Please, when passing through the grounds with your dog, keep it on a leash and use the new woodland path from Cheyne Garth to Westwood Avenue (past the clubhouse). If your dog does foul, please poop and scoop responsibly making sure you tie the bag shut and place the waste in the industrial bin at the end of the car park which is emptied weekly. Thank you. THE HOLLIS GROUNDS AND GARDENING CLUB After the AGM the Trustees asked for as much help as possible in tidying up the grounds in an attempt to get them to an acceptable standard; your response was fantastic. Before we knew it, and unannounced, a solo figure could be seen at the Rec in what can only be described as a herculean effort; thank you Jim Hudghton! Many volunteers have helped since then and shortly afterwards the HGG was formed and the Trustees would like to applaud their work so far in making the grounds more appealing to the eye, safer for the public and helping with the environment. Through the winter they have tidied the overgrown areas and hedgerows along the borders, planted trees and laid a much-needed woodchip path, kindly donated by Taylor Tree Care, from Cheyne Garth to the clubhouse. After discussions and advice with Mr Eddie Staples, an ex-student of Hornsea School and Language College who now works for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the HGG have teamed up with the DT students at Hornsea School and Language College, who are busy designing and making nest boxes which will then be erected by the Trust when completed. If you would like to join the group or are able to lend a few hours then please come along to the Hollis at 10 am on a Wednesday or email Chris Reed on [email protected] to find out more. SAVE THE DATE – Saturday 15th September 2018 With the Hollis Recreational Ground now in its 90th year, the Trustees are busy organising the ‘Hollis Ball’ which, we hope, along with other events, will become annual fixtures in our fundraising calendar. Please put this date in your diaries now – full details of this event including where you can get your tickets will be published very shortly. If you would like to contact the Trustees on this or any other matter regarding the Hollis please feel free to email us on [email protected] To make sure you keep up to date with all news, social and sports events at the Hollis, join our Face

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