All Change on the Buses

Back in February, local bus operator EYMS announced plans to close its Hornsea depot with effect from 5th May. In a statement it put this down to: “falling revenue from East Riding of Yorkshire Council contracts and free concessionary travel reimbursements (which) has required a significant reduction of costs, including the elimination of excess depot capacity. Hornsea has been chosen for closure as its services can be run effectively from neighbouring depots in Hull and Beverley” We now know the closure is going ahead and that all the routes which serve Hornsea will have at least some timetable changes. However, much of the current pattern of services remains intact. At the time of going to press the following have been announced: 240. Our most direct service into Hull, via Sigglesthorne, Leven, & Skirlaugh. The most significant change is that all buses will now run via Brandesburton and will use New Road, as parked cars on Main Street are proving too much of an obstacle for the buses. Other than that, journeys from Hornsea will generally start 5 minutes later than now, at 15 minutes past each hour (early morning is different). The return from Hull is at 35 minutes past each hour, except for late afternoon when it is 16.30, 17.30, & 18.30. On Saturdays there is an extra journey from Hornsea (16.15), but on Sundays we now have one bus less in each direction – leaving only 3 each way in total. 246. Runs to Hull via Beverley The biggest change on this route is that Sunday buses disappear entirely. This is as a result of East Riding Council ending its contract and arises from the consultation in 2016. However, the Monday to Saturday services which might also have gone have been retained by EYMS on a commercial basis, and there is an extra early evening journey into Beverley (the 19.15 from Hornsea is replaced by departures at 17.55 and 18.55). Other departures from Hornsea will generally be at 55 minutes past each hour (after early morning), with the return times from Hull as before. As with the 240, Brandesburton will be served via New Road. 550. Our town service between Freeport and Cliff Road Caravan Park We will lose some journeys on this route arising, as we understand it, from the driver having to collect the bus from Withernsea depot and return it at the end of the day. Consequently we lose the 7.10 and 17.00 from Cliff Road, and the 16.30 and 17.30 from Freeport. There will also be no 11.30 from Freeport or 12.00 from Cliff Road, to allow for the driver’s dinner break (although part of the route is covered by the 129 which passes Rolston at 11.35, returning from Hornsea bus depot at 11.52). 129 Withernsea to Hornsea Some minor timing changes which don’t affect departure times from Hornsea or Withernsea. Summer Sunday services have now started and run to 2nd September 130. Hornsea to Bridlington The only change is that the 16.00 departure from Hornsea on Mondays to Fridays will now not run on school days. It also appears that the X30 through to Scarborough, which previously ran in the school summer holidays, will not be operating. 220 & 230 Alternative routes into Hull, via Aldborough and Sproatley (220), or Withernwick and Ellerby (230) These are run under contract to East Riding Council, and EYMS has decided it no longer wishes to operate them. As a result there will no longer be a 230, and the 220 service is reduced to one bus in either direction, Monday to Friday only, and will end/begin at Bilton Church where there should be a connection into Hull on the 277. The morning departure from Hornsea Newbegin is at 6.50, arriving Bilton Church 7.32. In the evening it is 18.03 from Bilton Church (17.30 out of Hull on the 277), arriving back in Hornsea at 18.45. East Riding hopes to have printed details available on the affected services from week beginning 23rd April. Overall, “could be worse” seems to be a reasonable conclusion and it is particularly pleasing that the late evening departures from Hull have survived. However regular users of the 220 and 230 will be severely affected, and there will be some inconvenience to those who rely on the 550. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to travel out of Hornsea by bus on a Sunday (or for visitors to travel in). On summer Sundays there will now be more buses to Withernsea than to Hull & Beverley combined! The new timetables run from Sunday 1st April (129 & 130) or Sunday 6th May (220, 240, 246, & 550) and should soon be available in printed form from Hornsea Library, Customer Services Centre, and Museum. Meanwhile, information is on

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