Man with a Mission

Nicholas Dobbin came to our shores with his Mum and sister from South Africa four years ago, fleeing from the political situation and crime. The family had no contacts here but chose to live in Beverley as it was rated as one of the top 5 places to live in the country. As a 16 year old it was tough for Nick to leave his home but he also found it exciting and now loves living here. As a keen cricketer he began playing for Beverley but wasn’t enjoying his cricket much until he received an offer to switch to Hornsea for who he is now opening the batting and keeping wicket. Nick achieved outstanding results in Maths at Longcroft School and began a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Hull University but realised his heart wasn’t in it. Fortunately, he soon discovered his true vocation. The discovery came about as a result of ill health. Nick has a skin condition called Rosacae and was also beginning to suffer from severe bowel problems. This was when he discovered the wonders of a raw vegan diet prescribed by Dr Morse in the US and his life was changed for the better. When I met Nick his skin was glowing with good health and he was effervescing about the positive changes his diet has brought him. The bowel problems have disappeared, the Rosacae is well under control and he feels wonderful. Nick has discovered the science of Iridology which can tell us much about the state of our health by looking closely at our eyes and says that even the colour of his eyes has changed! He is now so convinced of the benefits that good nutrition can bring that he has left Hull to study Nutrition at Leeds. Nick wants to help others enjoy the benefits that he has found and believes passionately that a vegan diet can help to solve so many of our health problems. Nick finds it hard to understand why so many people think that meat and dairy are good for our health and believes that there are powerful interests at play which are concealing the truth from us. He is on a mission to fully understand and then expose the truth about nutrition. Judging by the passion in the way he spoke and the fire in his eyes I wouldn’t bet against him achieving that. In the meantime, let’s hope his boundless energy can help our cricket club to achieve great things as well!

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