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June 2016 Hornsea Nursery School News Summer Fayre Our annual Summer Fayre is taking place on Saturday 2nd July, 11am to 2pm.  The Summer Fayre is a great chance for everybody to have a good time and raise money for school resources which are used by the children. We really appreciate any support from the Hornsea community at this time of year.  If you have any children’s book, toys or plants which we can sell at the Summer Fayre then they would be greatly received.  You can drop them off at the school office or if you have a bulky load we can come and collect them. Also we will be having a plant stall which is one of the most popular stalls at the summer fayre.  If you are able to donate any plants please contact us.  The school office telephone number is (01964) 534396. Forest School with Hornsea Burton School Children from our Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex and Hornsea Burton School have been coming to our Forest School at Willows Drive.  Through our fundraising we have been able to purchase two pull along buses which accommodate five or six children.  We are really pleased with the way that this partnership between the two schools is working.  Whilst at Forest School the children explore and learn in an amazing woodland setting. Toddler Group and Parent Coffee Club The Friends of Hornsea Nursery has been organising some very popular activities for babies and toddlers and we would like to encourage more parents to bring their children to the group. The ‘Toddler Group’ takes place each Monday from 2pm – 3.30pm.  It is for mums/dads to bring babies and toddlers into nursery to play and learn together.  The sessions take place in our new, state of the art community room.  When the weather is warm the session also extends to our outdoor area.  The Toddler Group costs £1 and refreshments are available. The ‘Coffee Club’ has been running since February and is a chance for parents or carers to meet other parents over coffee, chat and make friends.  The sessions take place on a Thursday from either 8.45am or 12.45pm in the Community Room.  Feedback for those people who have been attending has been really positive.  Lots of new friendships have been made and parents have found that they are able to talk informally about parenting. Holiday activities The Friends of Hornsea Nursery will be holding another ‘Half Term Holiday Session’ on Thursday 2nd June in the Community Room, 11.30am – 1.30pm.  The session is for children aged four and under: it is a super opportunity for children and parents to play and learn together using the nursery resources. The session is organised and managed by parent volunteers and includes craft activities, outdoor play, stories and songs. Parents are asked to bring a packed lunch for their children and themselves.  The children have a picnic during the session and hopefully the weather will be warm enough for this to take place outside. Refreshments are available and the charge is £1 each. We will be organising a weekly holiday activity during the summer holidays so make sure you keep reading Hornsea Community News to find out more. Hornsea Burton Nursery Garden Project Gardeners – we would really appreciate your support The children and staff at our Hornsea Burton Nursery have working together to plan out a Nursery Garden Project.  We have an outside area which we want to turn in a magical area for the children to explore, learn and develop. We would really appreciate donations of any plants, flowers or shrubs which you think would enhance our garden and make it a great, green place to learn. The project is being led by Mrs Catley who can be contacted via the school office on (01964 534396). Many thanks to Wassand Hall Hornsea Nursery School would really like to thanks Mr and Mrs Russell from Wassand Hall for all their recent support. All the children at nursery absolutely love Wassand Hall and its grounds we have been able to organise a ‘Dad’s Saturday Forest School’ and other activities for our children. We have created a book using some of the photos of these events and Mr and Mrs Russell are joining us in school for a special presentation. Teddy Bear Picnic and other events We are planning lots of events for our children, parents, carers and family members. 2 July – Hornsea Nursery School Summer Fayre: 11am – 2pm.  All welcome. 16 July – Family Beach Adventure: 10am – 12noon.  Meet at Hornsea Beach near the Leisure Centre 23 July – Hornsea Carnival Parade: Come and join-us in the parade. And finally… …we will soon be saying goodbye to Mrs Sandsfield who has been on placement at Hornsea Nursery School as part of her Post Graduate Teaching programme.  All the children and staff send her their very best wishes for future career in teaching. Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex is one of the two nurseries operated by Hornsea Nursery School in the town.  The annex is located within Hornsea Burton Primary School and was established in autumn 2015 as part of a collaborative development between Hornsea Nursery School and Hornsea Burton School.   The nursery annex provides children with a safe, secure learning environment and many opportunities for indoor and outdoor learning.  The quality of provision at the nursery annex replicates the provision at the main nursery site.  The nursery annex has a maximum capacity of 24 children.   Hornsea Nursery School prides itself on providing exceptional standards of provision and is greatly exceeding the expected requirements.  Our standards of care are exceptional and as a nursery we are highly effective at making sure children make significant progress towards the early learning goals.  Our learning is holistic and impacts positively on the children beyond the nursery.   The annex takes an innovative and unique approach to nursery education.  Our ethos is based on outdoor learning where the natural environment is central to children’s learning.  Children are encouraged to be independent and care for each other and their environment.  Children are able decide whether they want to play indoors or outdoors, or to play alone or with other children.  By presenting an environment in this way, we encourage the children to make their own decisions.   Parent View – Alex Garwood Alex had previously attended the main Hornsea Nursery on Newbegin.  We thought that Alex would be better suited to a smaller nursery to help with his speech and language.  We had a lot of support from Hornsea Nursery staff in making our decision to move Alex to Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex, but we recognise now that we have made the right decision for him.   Alex has made very close friends with the other children.  When you see Alex in the class room you can see that he is very, very happy.  He actively engages in all the different activities and the other children in the classroom are supportive of each other.  There is a lovely, calm atmosphere in the classroom and I think that this really helps Alex’s learning.   Alex is a quiet boy, but we feel confident that in the smaller annex setting he is able to communicate with the other children and his teachers.  Alex shows that he is eager and enthusiastic to learn and the nursery annex offers him a wide range of different learning opportunities.   In September 2016, Alex will move from the nursery annex into Hornsea Burton Primary School.  I think that Alex will make this transition well, particularly as he is already going to the school every day and he will not have to become accustomed to a new environment.   I would recommend Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex to any parent and I would advise them to look around the annex to see how nice and friendly it is.   For more information on Hornsea Burton Nursery Annex see http://schoolswire.co.uk/public/hornsea Telephone: 01964 534396 Email: [email protected]

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