Queen’s Birthday Celebrations

Birthday 1Pensioner’s Party and The Queen’s Celebrations   On Thursday 12th May, we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday by forming an enormous Union Jack on the playground. Years 1 and 2 held up blue paper, Years 3 and 4 held up white and Years 5 and 6 held up red whilst Mr Thompson, our caretaker and Mrs Whitehead, our Head teacher stood on the ROOF taking photos which we are going to send to her Majesty the Queen! But that was only the beginning…… On Friday 13th May, the school held a Pensioner’s Party to further celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Bakers from Miss Savage’s Jass Baking Club iced over 500 buns for us all!!!They also modelled the Queen and her corgis out of fondant icing! During that week as well children from Key Stage 2 auditioned for the Talent Show that was held at the Pensioner’s Party. Well done to ALL entries. The Key Stage 2 hall where the party and show took place had also been decorated by Union themed bunting. Mrs Wonderful Wiles organised the whole thing so we all want to give her an enormous Shout Out “THANK YOU”!!! We also helped to raise money for the children of Syria by bringing donations for Unicef UK to school on this very special day. By Libby, aged 10, Chatterbox Reporter Scientific Seeds rocket Lately Hornsea Community Primary School have received some very special seeds that have been on an extraordinary trip – into Space!  When the British astronaut Tim Peake went into Space he took with him some rocket seeds, actually rocket lettuce seeds!  Hornsea Community Primary School has been fortunate to be among the 8,000 schools around the UK to receive some of these travelling rocket seeds and to be able to take part in an amazing scientific experiment.  This experiment will involve planting the ‘Space seeds’ and another regular packet of rocket seeds, but there is a twist.  The schools doing the experiment do not know which packet is which!  The experiment is being run by the Royal Horticultural Society’s campaign for school gardening and the UK Space Agency.  The aim is to learn more about the effects of Space on seeds in order to develop plant varieties that could be grown by astronauts on possible future long Space missions.  Hornsea Community Primary School is very excited to be taking part in this incredible experiment and to know that the results may help decide what an astronaut has for his dinner in the future! By Francesca, age 9, Chatterbox reporter

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