More trees for the Park

A pleasant morning of tree planting was enjoyed by around 20 volunteers in Hall Garth Park on Saturday 5th January. The weather was very mild for the time of year but the lovely home made vegetable soup was still a very welcome reward! The Civic Society and Home Grown Hornsea have joined forces to try to make a positive impact on the environment as well as adding to the beauty of the Park.
Following consultation with the Town Council, around 450 native British trees have been planted, mainly along the perimeter of the lower lying areas. They include: Scots pine, Alder, Downy birch, Field maple, Rowan, Crab apple, Small-leaved Lime, Wild cherry, Oak and Aspen .
A further planting in the Park is planned for March of this year and then the next step is to try to persuade ERYC to agree to trees being planted on some of their land such as the South Promenade. Similarly, if any private landowners in the town and surrounding area are amenable to having trees planted on your land, please contact [email protected]
There are many good reasons for planting trees but particularly at this time of runaway global warming they are urgently needed in their millions. East Yorkshire has one of the lowest tree populations in the country and both the Civic Society and Home Grown Hornsea feel that the town should play its part in addressing this situation. It could also be argued that more trees, particularly along the sea front, would contribute significantly to the beauty of the town and enhance its potential as a destination for nature tourism.

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