Future of Hornsea Library Building

As most residents will now be aware, the Library, as well as the Community Resource Centre on Newbegin and the Resource Centre on Parva Road, are due to be closed. Once the work on the Leisure Centre has been completed all these services will be located in there as a multi service centre on the sea front.

East Riding Council plan to sell off these three buildings to raise revenue which will help to fund the refurbishment of the Leisure Centre. There is a chance that the Council may be persuaded to hand over the Library building to the community. A Community Asset Transfer can happen if a strong business plan is put together with sufficient evidence of demand and support from residents. There has already been a very successful precedent to this, in the case of the Floral Hall.

Community Action

Members of the Community Action Group set up by the Council’s Sports Department are concerned about the loss of three more of our public assets into private hands and also about the further loss of services from our already struggling high street. On the other hand, they also believe that this could present an opportunity to provide a range of new services and activities which could attract more residents to the town centre and help to revive its fortunes, as well as contributing to community cohesion. The group has, therefore, formed a sub-committee to attempt to determine whether there is sufficient demand for turning the Library into a Community Centre and, if so, to develop a business plan to present to the Council before the autumn when a final decision will be taken.

Future use options

A website has been set up (www.hornseathoughts.wordpress.com) to seek the views of residents, voluntary groups and businesses. Everyone is encouraged to fill in the simple questionnaires and send their ideas as to possible uses for the building. Some of the suggestions so far have been:

•             An Enterprise Centre for start up businesses.

•             A Credit Union facility to make up for the loss of our banks.

•             A permanent room for the newly formed Community First Aid Centre which is currently operating from a Portacabin in Tesco’s Car Park.

•             A Job Club to advertise local vacancies and provide career support and advice for job seekers

•             Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation Sessions

•             Healthy Cookery classes

•             A Bookshop

•             A Healthy Food Cafe manned by people with disabilities

•             A Complimentary Therapy Room

•             Counselling for Mental Health and Chronic Illness

•             A Repair Cafe/ Men in Sheds

•             Meeting facilities for local organisations.

•             Local Produce Exchange and Gardening Club

There are also paper questionnaires available at the Library, Town Hall and around the Town Centre. Please help to demonstrate strong support by filling in the brief forms and if you feel that you could contribute towards developing the business plan the group would welcome your participation. Contact [email protected]

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