Kelpies Healing Centre Now Open

Following the launch of the new wholefood shop – Kelpies on Bank Street- which we reported on last month, the charity Home Grown Hornsea has added a healing room to enable some of our wonderful alternative therapists to practice their magic there! Here is the list of practitioners and the treatments you will be able to enjoy if you pop into the shop (or call 07510168762) and book a session. Jo Huntsman is a Kinesiologist. Kinesiology is a therapy that supports the client to be well and happy using natural methods and, critically, by listening to what the body needs through a system of muscle testing called biofeedback. Jo began to train when Health Kinesiology was the only method she found to treat her daughter who was very ill in her teens. Jo also offers workshops teaching others about using energy medicine themselves as she is a great believer in people being empowered to look after themselves and just calling on professionals when needed. You can find out more about her work and read what her clients say at her website: Paris Senior, Holistic Midwife, specialises in Aromatherapy Treatment Blends and Therapeutic Massage for both pregnancy and Non-pregnancy Paris is a qualified nurse and practising midwife with 18 years experience in the field of health. She has found that many drugs and conventional treatments come with unwanted side effects. These often lead to avoiding treatment or needing further drugs, which treat only symptoms and not the person as a whole. This led her to explore more natural, holistic avenues and has successfully treated many common physical and emotional complaints and problems (both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related) using 100% natural treatments, where the only side effects have been found to be positive. Treatment examples (using the highest quality essential oils and natural ingredients); salves/oil blends for pain relief and swelling, inhalation blends for anxiety, stress, focus, depression, hormonal issues; blends for wound healing and infections; blends for scars, reducing stretch marks, acne, exam focus, menopause symptoms, increasing milk supply, hay-fever/allergies, cold and flu symptoms, to name a few. A selection of these can be found at Kelpies Wholefoods to try. Paris provides face to face and on-line consultations and treatments. She is also a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra and Neals Yard Remedies and can advise on and supply Essential Oils and Treatments should you wish to purchase your own. Julie Sharp is a Complimentary Practitioner specialising in Traditional Aromatherapy and Herbal medicine with over 20 years of experience. Her passion is to encourage clients to use nature’s powerful remedies in their daily lives to balance moods, encourage happiness and offer natural solutions for many physical health challenges. Advanced studies include Aromatic Reflexology, Counselling, Acupressure Massage, Aromatherapy for Cancer and Hospice care, Pranic Healing and Reiki. Freddy Jacquin works with multiple phobias. After qualifying in 1995 as an hypnotherapist, Freddy quickly realised that he was able to hypnotise more than one person at a time. This lead to him working with over 25,000 people, in groups of 200 at a time, to help them overcome the smoking habit. Since 1995, Freddy has helped over 20,000 people quit the smoking habit. He has also helped thousands of people lose weight and overcome phobias, in group as well as individual sessions. Heather Downs BA (Hons). MSc. ECBS. Holistic Health Practitioner, has worked in the complimentary health sector since 2005. Currently known for her ‘Bowen for All’ banner in Jamies Hairdressers, she has other equally effective disciplines. Bowen carries out precise patterns of movements using fingers and thumb to release fascia tissue. These actions awaken energy lines, align muscular structures and ligaments, which in turn permit the mind to correct skeletal conditions. It is extremely gentle, suitable for babies, infants and adults. Heather has successfully applied Bowen for IBS; neck pain; neuro pain,; sciatica; strains; headaches; Parkinson’s; MS; RSI and Fibromyalgia amongst others. Acupressure Finger therapy focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, releasing meridian energy blockages. Gentle stretching and skeletal alignment techniques may be applied. Finally, Heather holds a level three Reiki Master certificate in the Usui Shiki Ryoho systems, a none invasive treatment, working on the client’s energy fields. In the coming months each of our practitioners will be running a workshop to explain and demonstrate more about their art. Call in at the shop to book your place.

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