Extraordinary People of Hornsea

Freddy Jacquin moved here from Tonbridge Wells in Kent two years ago. Freddy’s wife Marion needed to be near her father, who lives in the area and was suffering from ill health, and came to work as a nurse at Hull Royal Infirmary. With teenage sons they felt that Hornsea might be a better place for them to spend their adolescence rather than the south of England which Freddy describes has being “too fast, too hectic and with too much of everything”. The family are delighted with their cottage overlooking the sea. Freddy first became interested in Hypnosis over twenty years ago and, out of curiosity, attended a course in Hypno-analysis in 1995. From there he became a student and disciple of the Godfather of Hypnosis – Milton Erikson but gradually developed his own style which incorporated Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has since helped more than 30,000 therapy clients in his private practice and group sessions. He is the founder of The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy (www.jacquinhypnosisacademy.com) which he runs together with his son Anthony and has trained over one thousand hypnotherapists throughout the world. Freddy is also the developer of Potensharu a unique parenting programme designed to help your child realise their potential. In 2010 he was awarded the B.Sc.(Hons) in Clinical Hypnosis from St. Mary’s University College. On his website (www.freddy-jacquin.com) Freddy says: “If you have a habit that no longer suits you, a limiting belief that is holding you back or doubts that have been placed on you about your worth, value or abilities, I can help. You no longer need to live in fear or pain or settle for a life that you don’t enjoy.” Freddy showed me a video of one of his first clients in Hornsea, Alan Brown. A cheerful Mr Brown explains: “Eighteen months ago I had my right leg amputated. Since then I have been left with the sensation that the missing leg is still there and suffered almost incessant pain in the missing foot. After a 45 minute session with Freddy I now have no pain. What joy and bliss!” Freddy has found that his therapy is particularly effective against addictions such as smoking and alcoholism and claims to hold the world record for helping over 150 people to quit smoking in one session! He is so confident that his method works that he will not charge unless it does. As he says, “You don’t expect to pay a plumber if he doesn’t fix your leak.” Contact Freddy on 01964 229380 Mob 07519 723106freddy 2

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