Welcome to Issue 20

As I write these words in the aftermath of our ‘momentous’ decision on June 24th, I must admit to experiencing a strange sensation that something profound has indeed changed. Whether this will be for better or for worse remains to be seen but whatever transpires in the forthcoming weeks, months and years, my greatest desire is that everyone will be conscious of the fact that we are all part of the great human family with the same basic needs and desires – to live with security, peace and happiness. I hope that as a nation we will acquire the wisdom to know that our happiness is dependent upon that of our brothers and sisters on the continent and elsewhere in the world, and the grace to offer friendship and solidarity in a spirit of humility, generosity, co-operation and compassion. In the meantime we can work on developing these qualities on the personal and local levels, which brings me nicely on to the main topic of this month – Carnival! I would like to thank everyone who over the last 50 years has demonstrated these qualities in keeping alive this celebration of our town and community. Although I’m sure I was there at the first carnival in 1966, I can’t claim to remember it as I was only four years old but I certainly have many fond memories of subsequent years. I know that the task of pulling it all together becomes ever more Herculean each year in this age of individualism, isolationism and stifling bureaucracy and so the praise for the current day organisers is even more richly deserved. Similarly we must offer congratulations and thanks to the Civic Society on their fiftieth birthday. It is comforting to know that we have a body of well informed people committed to preserving the best parts of our heritage and ensuring a healthy environment for future generations, not to mention the fascinating talks that we enjoy every month at the Parish Hall. The Carnival Committee and the Civic Society are excellent examples of how we can help our communities to come together harmoniously and happily. If we can transfer this spirit to the national and international stages then our future will indeed be bright. P.S. Apologies to quiz and poetry lovers for the omissions of recent editions due to a combination of lack of space and my forgetfulness! Ed

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