Hornsea’s Very Own!

A Packed Hall Garth Park welcomes the Garnett Family back home for Carnival Garnetts 3 The weather stayed fair and thousands flocked to Hall Garth Park to enjoy the fiftieth Carnival from 22nd -24th July. A wealth of local musical talent entertained the crowds from Friday evening right through to Sunday afternoon with the highlight being the return home  of TV stars the Garnett family. Helen and her daughters Rachel, Anna and Aby recently reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent. Helen founded the fabulous ‘Hot Gospel’ in Hornsea before the family had to move to Grimsby because of Mr Garnett’s work. From there she founded ‘All for One Choir’ – a hugely popular network of choirs in towns and cities all around Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. With their new found fame the family are very busy juggling their weekly singing workshops for the choirs with the work being generated by their new manager Matt Pagan from music agency Collabro. The girls were feeling very emotional and nostalgic about their return home and admitted to missing the sea and the wonderful people here. They wished to thank everyone here for their continued support and asked that we follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A new album and a Christmas tour are now in the pipeline. Music was, of course, only one element of the Carnival. The parade on Saturday lunchtime brought memories of Golden Moments from the past and the park was a joy to behold with fairground attractions, stalls of every description, spectacular displays in the main arena and cookery demonstrations in the Food tent. A truly memorable celebration of our town and the Carnival’s fiftieth year and all of the organising committee deserve special praise: Ruth and Fred Skinner, John Brayshaw, Mike Ward, Dennis Mapplebeck, Ruth Ward, Colin Embleton, Andy Hill, Chris Priestnall, Anna Carr, Allan Iles, Mike and Helen Hill, Heather Embleton and Raj Thiyagarajah

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