Welcome to Issue 21

At the HARP meeting on Thursday 21st July the board agreed to enter Hornsea into the ‘Rising Star’ category of the National Town Awards. I suspect that some, particularly regular contributors to   ‘Hornsea Rant’, may scoff at this idea. What, you may ask, is there in Hornsea to qualify it as ‘Rising Star’? A thriving cafe/bar/pub culture boosted by highly talented local musicians was sited, together with the fact that almost all of our shops are occupied in an era of High Street crises elsewhere. To this we could add the beauty of our natural spaces and meticulously maintained parks, the spectacular summer events that we are enjoying now, the great success story that is the Floral Hall (how many other towns have rescued their own cultural events centre and turned it from a huge loss maker into a thriving hub of activity) and the astonishing range of community groups and sports clubs. The traffic congestion problems (by the way I am still waiting for a response from ERYC to our requests for a solution to the Market Place chaos despite reminders) and demands for housing are testimony to the numbers of people who want to come here. All of this in an age when many seaside towns have become the most run down and deprived areas of Britain. Nevertheless the organisers of all of our wonderful events and activities often complain that the responsibility for them falls on too few shoulders. It seems that those who do very little for their local community but are quick to criticise, outnumber those who are prepared to give of their time. Some will argue that they are too busy trying to survive to have time or energy left for giving but I’m convinced that there are many more whose talents and energies are not being tapped into. This is despite the fact that research has shown that the health, well-being and happiness levels of people involved in community activities is generally far higher than in those who don’t participate. So how can we spread the message that helping your local community is a win-win situation? Answers on a postcard (or email) please. In the meantime enjoy the fantastic summer events (the Bike Event is going to be huge!!!)

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