Residents and trustees left frustrated by rise in anti-social behaviour at The Hollis Recreation Ground

TRUSTEES of Hornsea’s Hollis Recreation Ground are appealing to the general public, to those causing anti-social behaviour, their parents and dog walkers allowing their dogs to foul on the pitches to stop and be respectful of the community asset.

The recreation ground which was left to the people of Hornsea and is the home of several sporting clubs including football, rugby, tennis, netball and cricket.  The trustees of the recreation ground over the last few years have put hours of effort in their own time, together with assistance from members of the community, to turn the facility around.  This ensures it is run and maintained properly under the charity commission for everyone to enjoy sport from youth teams to adult teams.

Trustees and residents disappointed

The trustees and residents of Westwood Avenue, Springbank Avenue and in particular, The Leys have been left frustrated and disappointed after what they describe as: “a huge increase in anti-social behaviour.” A spokesman for the trustees of the ground said: “We and some of the residents have made repeated calls to 101 but don’t seem to be getting very far.  Unfortunately, the noise occurs on most evenings, sometimes until 4am with the 20 plus youths intentionally goading residents’ dogs to bark, playing loud music and lighting fires.  It also includes substance misuse and driving cars and bikes across the sports pitches and grassed areas.”

Dog fowling issues

In addition to the anti-social behaviour the trustees have reported that despite new signage and previous articles dog owners are continuing to exercise their dogs on the sports pitches and allowing them to foul on them.  Earlier in the year a spokesperson for the ground explained the issue: “there are risks to allowing dogs to mess on sports pitches, even when the mess is attempted to be picked up and smeared on the pitch.”  Dog faeces carries many bacterial diseases such as Salmonellesis and Yersiniosis, but the major risk for players is them catching toxocariasis.  There has been a case in 2015 reported in the Shropshire Star of a rugby player requiring a stay in hospital after getting an infection after dog mess was left on a pitch.  The paper reported: “Jonny Stiles, who plays for Newport Rugby Club, spent six days in hospital after a small cut on his foot became infected from dog mess left on a field during a match.  Although emergency surgery was able to save Mr Stiles foot, the 29-year-old has been left with a permanent scar and circulation problems.”  Toxocariasis can also cause blindness with children and young adults being more at risk.

Dogs welcome on leads except on pitches

The recreation ground is a popular through cut from Cheyne Garth to Atwick Road and the trustees are exploring all avenues so they do not have to consider stopping this right of way.  The spokesperson for the trustees of the ground added: “We have no problem with people bringing their dogs through, we just need them to be on a lead and kept off the pitches.  We have several signs up around the ground asking people to keep dogs on leads and to pick up after them.  We would also ask them to take their mess home with them as we do not have any specific bins for hazardous waste. Yet numerous people simply continue to allow them to exercise and mess on the pitches. Unfortunately, these people argue the point, sometimes aggressively, when challenged and do not appear to understand or be bothered by the risks.”

The trustees have been left frustrated by these issues and are appealing to those responsible for both anti-social behaviour and allowing their dogs on the pitches to respect the home of Hornsea’s sporting teams.

HOLLIS APPEAL: Please keep dogs on leads and off pitches at Hollis Recreation Ground

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