Nature’s Cleaners

It seems that we are more confused than ever about food as we are bombarded daily with the latest ‘scientific’ findings, often contradictory, about what is and what isn’t good for us. One thing that all the ‘experts’ agree upon, however, is that fresh fruit and vegetables are essential to our health. Not only can they provide us with all the minerals and vitamins that we need but they can also help to hydrate and cleanse our bodies of toxins. What happens, however, if the fruit and vegetables we eat are themselves charged with toxins? Are they still able to perform their function of cleansing our bodies or are they actually contributing to the toxic load that we carry? We know that the food produced with modern conventional methods comes into contact with a cocktail of noxious chemicals. Our apples, for example, can be sprayed up to 28 times with pesticides and treated with radiation and wax before reaching our supermarket shelves in ‘perfect’ condition. The effects that these chemicals have on our bodies are, of course, impossible to measure since we constantly accumulate toxins from many different sources and the quantities that we ingest from any meal are unlikely to be sufficient to cause adverse effects on their own.  We can only guess at what the cumulative effects of consistently ingesting toxic chemicals might be but it stands to reason that if the very foods that were designed to cleanse us are in fact having the opposite effect, then our bodies will, sooner or later suffer from toxic overload. Could this possibly explain why so many of us are now suffering from degenerative disease? Many of us think so. The good news is that we have the option of choosing organic foods which have been grown using natural methods and without chemicals. Fruit and vegetables that have been grown in healthy soils teeming with life, minerals and nutrients can have magical and overwhelmingly positive effects on our bodies. In fact, eating them in large quantities may be the best antidote to the wide range of toxins that we encounter in our modern environments and the best hope we have of staying healthy and free from disease. It seems that some of us kid ourselves that fruit and vegetables bought from our local grocers are more natural and healthy than those from the supermarket. It is highly likely, however, that they have been subjected to exactly the same bombardment of chemicals unless they specifically come with the organic certificate. Some of the supermarkets are responding to the demand by offering a wider range of organic products but these are often sourced from large scale producers from all around the world with questionable methods and it is also easy to be mislead when organic and non-organic products are displayed together. The best way to ensure that you are eating organic produce is to grow your own or to buy from a local organic supplier. Fortunately, in Hornsea we now have Kelpies on Bank Street which supplies only organic fruit and vegetables from farms in Yorkshire whenever possible. Make the most of it to give your body a regular clear out and begin the journey to sparkling health!

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