How Hypnosis helped a local chronic pain group

    Nearly two years ago a group was set up to support local people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and any other invisible pain condition.  The group is known locally as CFS, Me and the F word.  The group meets regularly, but their last get together was a very special meeting that no one who attended will ever forget…   It came about because one of the members had sought out alternative treatment and wanted to share her experience with the group.  Deborah had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and fatigue about 14 years ago.   A year ago she was on 23-26 tablets a day – mainly painkillers and nerve inhibitors.  She felt her life was like ‘living in a drug hazed pain tunnel’.  The NHS offers very little to help people living with these conditions other than a gradual increase in painkillers.  After taking voluntary redundancy a year ago, she was able to give herself some long needed attention and rest, as a result she reduced her tablets to 16-17 per day.  Although thrilled with the reduction in tablets she couldn’t reduce any further as her pain continued daily.   Just over two months ago she went to see a local hypnotist, Freddy Jacquin, and from that day she has been free of all pain, and now doesn’t take any more pain killers or nerve inhibitors. “I didn’t quite know what to expect, but Freddy was such a lovely guy and soon put me at ease – I left my session with Freddy feeling very positive and, surprisingly, pain free.  I don’t think I really knew how well I felt for a couple of days until I  realised I was back to my old self , doing normal things I hadn’t done for a long time without any pain or fatigue whatsoever.  I’ve finally got the old me back and I’ve been able to start exercising again and for that I cannot a thank Freddy enough – my life had been on hold for so long and now I’m making up for lost time! “   Freddy Jacquin offered to give up his time to deliver a presentation to the rest of the group that Deborah belonged to and this recently took place at the Ex- Servicemen’s Club.  Freddy is internationally renowned and currently talks and demonstrates all over the world.  Some of his lectures command a high fee – it was such a privilege for our group that he offered us this fantastic opportunity   During the presentation Freddy demonstrated how hypnotherapy works and how it could help people within the group.  He then performed hypnosis on volunteers within the group and treated different people during the course of the evening for both phobia and pain.   Deborah said “I was moved to tears after one session – one of the group who could not walk without the aid of her stick when she arrived, forgot she even needed her stick after a short session with Freddy.  She even waltzed around the dance floor with him and could not believe where her pain had gone.” Richard, who was there with his wife, said “What a night of wonderful positive transformations via the ever so highly professional Freddy to such a lovely group of people.  There was definitely something magical for me seeing so many fantastic changes for everyone.  Well done!!  What a genuine guy he is.” Denise was also delighted the following day – “…such a brilliant night.  Feeling so positive today, just been swimming and completed 15 lengths of Hornsea pool.  NO UNNECESSARY PAIN.  He’s made me feel so positive about myself, which is giving me strength and wellbeing.” Deborah added, “I’m still pain free, I’ve seen others become pain free in a matter of minutes.  I no longer have a phobia of spiders and I feel truly blessed that I went to see Freddy Jacquin.”   CfS, Me and the F word has gone from strength to strength and meets on the first Friday of  each month at the Hornsea Library between 5 – 7 pm.  New members are always welcome.  Those attending the group have found the group to be an invaluable source of support, inspiration and friendship.  The group can also be found on Facebook   Freddy Jacquin BSc(hons) practices clinical hypnosis and rapid change hypnotherapy along with personal and performance coaching in Hornsea  – For more details contact Freddy on 01964 229380 or visit

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