A special flag to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day

A SPECIAL Union Jack flag flew in Hornsea on the 75th anniversary of VE Day on May 8. 

Hornsea Community News were approached by husband and wife Tony and Fran Platts to see if we could help to find an organisation to fly a Union Jack flag that had flown in Hornsea on VE day 75 years ago. 

The flag was flown by Tony’s grandparents Herbert and Gertrude Platts 75 years ago.  Tony believes it was flown from either one of their homes Red Stacks or Lochie on Atwick Road, the Floral Hall or Hornsea Methodist Church to celebrate VE Day 1945.  Tony’s wife Fran when contacting us said: “It was a bittersweet time for Herbert and Gertrude Platts as they lost their son Tony just after D Day.  The family played a large part in the local community, particularly in the Methodist Church where there is a stained-glass window in memory of Tony Platts.”

Herbert and Annie Platts youngest son Tony (killed in action in Normandy 8/7/44 , and who was in the East Riding Yeomanry) , 

Herbert and Gertrude’s older son Douglas brought his son Tony up in Hornsea and then Sigglesthorne.  Tony recalls: “We always had the flag out to commemorate that occasion or indeed others.  The flag was displayed in Hornsea on VE Day and the likely location would have been the Methodist Church or the Floral Hall, both of which played a big part in my family’s history. My grandparents were Methodists.  My father, Douglas Platts, was a founder member of the Hornsea Operatic Society too.”

Herbert Platts
Annie Platts

Hornsea Community News contacted Keith Twigg at The Royal British Legion Hornsea Branch regarding the possibility of displaying the flag on Hornsea Methodist Church however it has no flagpole and we encountered the same problem at the Floral Hall.  Richard Carmichael, Chairman of Hornsea Floral however suggested Bettison’s Folly just off the main stretch of Newbegin on Willows Drive.  The folly is owned by local businessmen Mick Bateman and Dave Foster.  On contacted Mick he was delighted to be able to assist and display the flag on Bettison’s Folly on Friday, May 8 for the 75th anniversary so it can fly in Hornsea once again.

Tony Platts with his grandparents original flag from VE Day 1945
The flag on Bettison’s Folly – Image by Richard Dee, from dee4drones.co.uk

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