Hornsea Skate Park Grand Opening

We are almost there! With the fund raising, the design and consultation phases all completed and the concrete skate park building work completed by Canvas Spaces Ltd all that now remains (as I write this report) is for L&K Warcup Ltd., the groundwork enabling contractor, to complete the landscaping. The skating ramps are complete and the sight of our fantastic new skate park, isolated behind the contractors fencing, is causing great impatience to our ‘Users’ – but they should not have long to wait. Timing has been interesting. After nearly three years of preparatory work the construction started just before the cold weather came at the end of February. Whilst it was possible to make the outline for some of the ramp cores, work had to stop when the snow arrived. Concreting was carried out, whatever the weather and was only hindered by severe conditions such as when the temperature dropped too low. The contractors worked very hard and are highly skilled; they should be complimented in working through the East Coast winter. A photographic record of the build process can be seen on the Town Council’s Facebook which is found at www.facebook.com/HornseaTownCouncil/ There will be an opening ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project and allow us to say ‘Thank you’ to all the organisations that have made this facility possible. This is a public event where everyone is welcome and the date has been fixed as 26th May 2018 and will start at 12 noon. This opening ceremony will be the culmination of work that started in 2000 with the original Skate Park Project. This was so well used that it became worn out and subsequently planning for the rebuilding work began in the summer of 2015. Throughout these 18 years I have had the pleasure of watching members of the original ‘User Group’ grow from enthusiastic children into economically active members of our society. Some have returned, giving their skills and experience to help me with this rebuild. One of these young men (Paul Regan) went on to develop his career as a professional skateboarder. He is arranging the official opening for the Skate Park and will be helped by others from my original group, including David Yeomans who has been invaluable as my social media conduit with the current ‘Users’. Plans for later in the year include Master Class and teaching sessions for those who want to develop their ‘wheeled sport’ skills. These sessions will be free to all who want to attend and details will be posted later. Issued by the Skate Park User Group Chairman

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