Community Health Action Group

Community Health Action Group

Four months ago, the Sports, Art and Play Department at East Riding Council invited local groups to come together to form a Community Action Group. The group meets once a month at the library to network and discuss ways of improving health and well-being in the town. Participants are encouraged to suggest ideas and initiatives that the group can work on to develop.

One such initiative has been the proposal of opening a Community Centre in one of the 3 buildings which are to be vacated when the Council relocates the Library, Resource Centre and Community Service Centre to the newly extended Leisure Centre next year. Community Centres are a valuable resource for many towns around the country including our neighbours in Withernsea, Bridlington and Beverley. At a time when we are seeing the loss of many of our services this would bring a welcome boost to the town, providing a focal point to bring people together, a meeting place for individuals and groups, and offering a wide range of opportunities for extra activities. Some of the uses that have been suggested for it are:

  • Space for a Credit Union facility
  • A permanent location for the First Aid Centre
  • A Job Club
  • Men in Sheds- a facility for retired or out of work men to employ their skills to repair, recycle and re-build
  • Craft workshops
  • Alternative Therapies
  • A meeting place for groups
  • Cookery workshops
  • Games and social activities

However, there is plenty of scope for more ideas. Much thought also needs to be given as to how the running costs of the centre can be covered.

At the present time the Council has been approached to see if they would be amenable to the idea. The Asset Strategy Department have replied that they are planning to sell off all the buildings to private developers in order to part finance the Leisure Centre Development. So far they have declined to offer an estimate of the value of the properties. It is hoped that if a strong case can be put together the Council may be persuaded to hand over one of the buildings as a Community Asset transfer.

Emma Simpson who Chairs the meetings would like to invite anyone who is interested in health and well-being in our town, or who has identified a gap in services, to come along to the meetings. People with experience in developing projects such as the one mentioned or wishing to help take the project forward would be particularly welcome. The next meeting is on Thursday 13th December. Email [email protected] for more information.