Hornsea Music Festival Celebration Concert

  6.30 pm on Saturday 1st October 2016 at Hornsea United Reformed Church After yet another successful Hornsea Music Festival held from 6th to 9th July, it’s now time to honour our top performers and to give everyone an opportunity to hear them perform again.  This is our ‘Celebration Concert’ when competitors and music-lovers some together to celebrate the pure joy of making music!   During the Festival musicians of all ages give exceptional performances on a whole range of musical instruments as well as with the voice and yet, because of the competitive nature of the festival they are often watched by only a tiny number of people.  It’s for this reason that many of the top performers are asked if they are able to come back to Hornsea to play or sing their pieces again, and many of them are only too happy to do so.  Of course, it’s impossible to include every single one who has given a good performance!  We would need a whole day to do that!  Consideration is given to choosing an entertaining and varied programme with a wide range of ages and an equally wide range of voices and instruments.  It is always an agonising decision to choose who to keep in and who to leave out as we knock the programme into shape.   The highest scoring Hornsea winner was young Daisy Waite with her beautiful performance of a Disney Solo.  She received 89/100 putting her in the ‘Distinction’ category.  Besides winning the trophy for her class was also presented with the Hornsea Twinning Association Shield for the top Hornsea contestant.daisy-waite-winner-of-disney-solo-10-11-years   The highest overall mark in this year’s Festival was given to 17 year old viola player, Emily Harros, from Sutton, with an ‘Outstanding’ mark of 92/100.  Emily is already making quite a career for herself as she has been accepted into the National Youth Orchestra and has already performed in the Proms at the Albert Hall, and also in a concert at the Barbican.  For her winning performance she will be presented with the ‘Golden Jubilee Trophy’ for the highest mark in the whole festival.  We are thrilled that both of these young ladies will be performing for us again at the concert.   The Concert takes place on Saturday 1st October at Hornsea URC and will begin at 6.30 pm.  (Doors open at 5.30 pm).  Tickets are available for a donation of £5 with free entry for accompanied children.  Interval refreshments will be included.  Tickets can be bought from The Vernon Gallery, Newbegin, or at the door.  Seats are limited, so please don’t leave it too late.  We’d hate to turn anyone away!   Keith Robinson (Hon Chairman – Hornsea Music Festival)

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