Welcome to Issue 37

As always, attempting to be positive, I will dwell no more on the lamentable ending to 2017 but instead look ahead to the New Year with my wish list for the town. 1. I hope that the strength of feeling generated by the imminent closure of our Minor Injuries Unit and Banks will serve to bring us all closer together to develop alternative solutions to these and other problems. 2. I wish that all residents (able bodied at least) would be conscious that the town is small enough to travel everywhere on foot or by bicycle and would resolve to do so. This would greatly reduce traffic congestion, help to make our town centre a more pleasant place with less noise and air pollution and we would all be fitter and healthier from the extra exercise. 3. I wish that all residents would choose to support our local traders, particularly those selling local produce and products, rather than shopping at supermarkets and out of town superstores. This would provide a massive boost to us all since the wealth generated would be circulated locally rather than being siphoned off to rich corporate executives and shareholders far away – not to mention the benefits to the environment. 4. I wish that all those who choose to drop litter and pollute our town would become aware of the damage they are doing to our wildlife, to our rivers and oceans and, ultimately to themselves. It would be lovely to see our beaches and other natural spaces free from debris and other signs of modern man’s contempt for the natural world. 5. I would love to see the younger generations becoming more engaged in the activities of the town, participating in local groups, making their voices heard and employing their energies and talents in helping to make Hornsea a better place for us all to live. I could, of course, have drawn up a long list of the changes our councils and government might make for us but have chosen to focus instead on a few things that we can do for ourselves but that could make a significant impact. With this in mind my final wish is that all our contributors and readers may enjoy a wonderful festive season and are able to recharge your batteries in preparation for driving the town forward towards a brighter future in 2018 and beyond. Ed

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