Issue 32

Firstly, I’m sure that everyone in our community will wish to join me in expressing our sincere condolences to all the victims and those affected by the tragedies in Manchester and London which have blighted our country over the past month. The sheer horror of what we have witnessed has affected us all profoundly but we can only imagine the suffering that it has caused to those directly affected. These events have spread a wave of fear and panic across the nation, particularly in our cities, which has led to a variety of knee jerk responses such as the rise in Islamophobia or residents of a tower block being woken at 2am and forced to leave their homes. At times such as these it may be helpful to try to put things into perspective. Although this will be of scant consolation to the victims of the tragedies, it may benefit the rest of us to bear in mind that we are far more likely to die of chronic disease, a road accident or a fall than from a terrorist attack or a fire. While we must all condemn violence of any kind as well as the criminal negligence which allows people to be housed in buildings which are unsafe, we must also accept that life has always been and always will be fraught with dangers. Our task then, is to find a happy balance in which we seek to minimise those dangers without succumbing to fear and whilst living life to the full. When we repeatedly see images of the recent atrocities on our TV screens it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that the world is a wicked and evil place with danger lurking around every corner. In fact the statistics show that there are fewer wars, less crime, and even less risk of terrorism than ever before. Yes we still have massive problems to overcome but I would argue that we have a much better chance of doing so if we embrace life and come together to communicate and create solutions rather than retreating into our shells or, worse still, adopting tribal postures of  aggression and violence towards other cultures. In the aftermath of the tragedies we have seen countless examples of this; the heroism of our Emergency Services and others, people coming  together in a spirit of solidarity, displays of love and help for the victims and a determination to carry on celebrating all the good things that our society has to offer. I hope and trust that here in Hornsea we are able to follow the shining example of these people and support all the fantastic events and initiatives to help others that are on offer in the coming months, in a spirit of togetherness and friendship. Let’s live life to the full and ensure that this summer is memorable for all the right reasons. Receiving your articles and news and learning about all the wonderful generosity and talent in this town helps to restore my faith in humanity. I hope it has the same effect on you. Download the latest edition by clicking below:

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