Welcome to Issue 31

I have to admit that, although this edition is as full as ever with community events and stories of extraordinary local people, I was scratching around a little for actual ‘news’ for the front pages. They say “No news is good news” (except for newspaper editors!) and I, for one, am certainly grateful to live in a peaceful seaside town in one of the richest nations on Earth where we are seldom beset by any of the traumatic problems faced by people in other places. So some time for reflection perhaps? In recent months we have reported on some major investments that are coming our way, with the main one being the £4.6 million development of the South Promenade. In theory we ought to be pleased that our Council is finally directing some funding our way, but from talking to people around the town I have the distinct impression that the levels of enthusiasm for the new plans are, at best, moderate. Typical comments are: “Not another …. cafe?!, “Another ….car park for the council to make money”, “Why can’t we have Facilities for children like the paddling pool and boating lake that used to be there?” Download the latest edition by clicking below:

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