Harry Shires was recently appointed by the East Riding Council to a Lead Youth Worker position for Hornsea with the responsibility of creating a new youth club for the town so as to provide children of all ages a safe place to go on an evening as well as provide opportunities for learning and recreation. It is hoped that the benefits of this will be to reduce the number of children on the streets and also bring children together. At the Town Council meeting Harry and his co-worker Viki produced a report of their work so far to the Town Council and a wide range of issues were discussed. A location for the Youth Centre is being sought and contacts made with existing youth groups as well as local media and other local groups. Harry and Viki are very keen that the young people in the town should have an input at the consultation stage which is why they have prepared the survey on the right and encourage all young people in the town to get involved. They plan to hold outreach events during the month of August. They are also keen to attract volunteers to help with the project. if you would like to help by  completing the survey below please contact [email protected] If you are interested in seeing youth provision in Hornsea, please complete the survey below. If not please indicate why here: ________________________ Age: _____                    Gender: ________ The youth provision is for YOU so your ideas matter! 1.     Name: ___________________    Age: ______   Gender: ________  Postcode: _________ 2.    What sort of things do you like doing? (circle as many that apply to you) Reading                 Baking                   Cooking                 Playstation              Board Games Movies                  Drama                   Fashion                  Arts & Crafts         Chill with mates Singing                  T.V                        Technology            Health & Fitness   Game consoles Sport                    Music                    Dance                    Hair & Beauty        Outdoor Activities Something else? __________________________________________________________________ 3. What day would you like it to be open? Mon [   ]          Tues [   ]         Wed [   ]          Thurs [   ]         Fri [   ]       Sat [   ]     Sunday [   ] 4. What time would you like it to be open? 6pm [   ]          6.30pm [   ]         7pm [   ]          7.30pm [   ]        8pm [   ] 5. How long would you like a session to last? 1 hour [   ]          1 hour 15 minutes [   ]         1 hour 30 minutes [   ] 6. Are you happy mingling with young people from …. Years 3 and 4 [   ]          Years 5 and 6 [   ]         Years 7 and 8 [   ]          Years 9 and above [   ] 7. Would you be willing to spend a small amount on an optional tuck shop? Yes [   ]                      No [   ] 8. How much would you willing to pay to enter? £1 [   ]      £1.50 [   ]      £2 [   ]     £2.50 [   ] 9. Would you like any themed nights? Please tick all that apply. Disco [   ]    Halloween [   ]    Festivals [   ]    Christmas [   ]     Sports days [   ] Other:________________________________________________________

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