Wow!!! Bike Event is a Spectacular Success

bike 11Hall Garth Park was radiant in the summer sunshine as an estimated 8,000 people and 2,500 motor bikes converged on it for the First Hornsea Bike Event on Sunday 23rd August. The organisers were still running on adrenalin for hours afterwards and were delighted by the feedback they had been receiving . People had travelled from all over the country and some locals were declaring it as “Hornsea’s best ever event!” and “A Great advert for the town!”.They were particularly pleased to see that so many families had come and had received many comments about how great it was for children. The main sponsors, 5-Ways, eulogised about how many new bikers had been attracted, and traders were also delighted, some saying that it was the best event they’d ever done. Although there were some traffic issues early on, with the usual Market Place gridlock, this didn’t prevent 1000 bikes from reaching the park by 10.30am. Eventually the problems eased and everyone was able to enjoy the day. Plans are already in place to make the event an annual one and extend it to a full weekend next year. The organisers are considering the possiblity of working with people in Withernsea to organise two events on successive weekends so that bike enthusiasts can make a full week’s holiday of it and get together for ‘Ride Outs’ during the week. What started off as a small group of people working very hard grew into a strong team as they received a groundswell of support in the weeks leading up to the event, so lets hope that for next year the burden of organisation can be shared among many to make it an even bigger sucess than this time! Congratulations to all concerned for a fantastic effort and for bringing pleasure to so many. (Photos courtesy of Mike Barrett)bike 12bike 10

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