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YOUTH WORKERS FOR HORNSEA Hornsea Town Council has been successful in securing grant funding via the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Positive Activities Grant 2016 to employ 2 youth workers to engage with youths, including those who, for whatever reason, find themselves disenfranchised from other local youth orientated activities, including use of skate park facilities.  The project will be run for the benefit of all youths in Hornsea and in an effort to minimise instances of anti social behaviour as highlighted during a recent consultation exercise.  It is envisaged that the youth workers will be available in Hall Garth Park in the early evening, on days to be arranged, during summer months to organise activities etc.  The project will be publicised further over coming weeks.   CINEMA STREET CAR PARK In an effort to increase the movement of vehicles to improve availability of car parking spaces for shoppers etc, as of Monday 11th April 2016 the 2 hour parking restriction at the Cinema Street Car Park will be enforced.  Parking in the Cinema Street Car Park will continue to be FREE but will be limited to 2 hours.  Enforcement will begin with a 2 week ‘warning’ period whereby vehicles exceeding the 2 hour parking time will be issued with a warning notice.  After the initial 2 week warning period a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), at a cost of £70, will be issued to vehicles overstaying the 2 hour limit.  Parking enforcement will be managed by Horizon Parking Ltd and collection of any parking charges and/or appeals etc will be dealt with by them.   WATER FEATURE – PROMENADE Hornsea Town Council has agreed to work in partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to maintain the promenade water feature from Easter until mid May to enable it to be up and running for the enjoyment of residents and visitors in time for the Easter holiday period.  The East Riding of Yorkshire Council will continue to maintain the water feature throughout the summer.   NEW WEBSITE Hornsea Town Council will begin construction of its new website during March 2016.  The new site, once completed, will link to new Town Council Facebook and Twitter accounts.  It will include information on services provide locally by Hornsea Town Council including Town Hall wedding venue information, cemetery details, links to local organisations etc and other useful local information for residents and visitors.   MEMORIAL GARDENS – SUMMER PLANTING The Town Council is looking to provide hanging baskets in the Memorial Gardens this year.  In addition to the new town centre flower planters and banners provided by HARP (Hornsea Area Regeneration Partnership) it is the intention of the Town Council to erect hanging basket posts at the entrances to the Memorial Gardens extending existing summer planting further throughout the town centre.   EDENFIELD CEMETERY MUSHROOM MEMORIALS – From April 2016 Hornsea Town Council will offer memorial “mushrooms” in addition to columbaria type memorials utilised for the interment of ashes.  The new site within Edenfield Cemetery will be know as the ‘woodland’ area where granite ‘mushrooms’ can be erected bearing inscribed circular discs.  These new memorials can include the burial of ashes or can be a stand alone memorial tribute.  Appropriate spring flowering bulbs will be planted in the woodland area also.  The Hornsea Town Council felt that mushroom memorials would be fitting in the wooded area in the Edenfield cemetery and offer an alternative to the block and vase columbaria.  Please contact Hornsea Town Council for further information 01964 532252.   DAMAGE TO GRASS – Due to vehicles mounting the corners of the grassed areas in the Edenfield cemetery the ground has become churned up and rutted – this problem has been exacerbated by the amount of rainfall recently.  Hornsea Town Council will be erecting wooden posts to prevent damage to the grass in the future.  Please take care when driving your vehicle through the cemetery – the posts will not be flexible!

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