The Feminine Tide

It often feels as if very little changes here in Hornsea, which for many of us is a blessing, but on closer inspection we can sometimes find some subtle but significant transformations taking place. This month St Nicholas Church announced the appointment of Christina Noelle Minette Stevens as its new vicar. Tina, as she is known to friends, is the first ever female vicar in the church’s long history. She is currently the curate of St Mary’s in Scarborough and will be inducted here in December. Could this be another step in the rise to prominence of women in our town? According to New Age thinking we are now in the age of Aquarius, emerging from a three thousand year paradigm of patriarchy and male dominance into a new era in which feminine values and women rise up to take their rightful place in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps Hornsea is a pioneer in this respect? After all for many years we have had Barbara Jefferson as an East Riding Councillor, fighting our corner in a very male dominated environment. We now have a woman Mayor in Ann Padgett, the head teachers and all staff at our Primary and Nursery Schools are women, and it seems that women are also playing increasingly important roles in the running of our other churches and institutions. Even traditionally male dominated institutions such as the Rotary Club and Lions have had female presidents in recent years. If you take a look at the new businesses that have emerged in the town you will see that a significant number of them are now run by women. One does not have to think back too many years to remember a time when all of these positions of responsibility and authority were occupied by men, and so it could be said that a silent revolution has or is taking placing. Despite all of this there is still much work to be done before it can be truly stated that women enjoy parity and equal state with men but the signs are that we are definitely heading in the right direction. It is to be hoped that this shift will be accompanied by a transformation in our collective psyche in which feminine qualities such as peace, co-operation, empathy, forgiveness and compassion come to play more prominent roles.

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