Opening of the Hornsea Nursery School Community Room – 22 January 2016

Opening of the Hornsea Nursery School Community Room – 22 January 2016 On 22nd January 2016, the new Hornsea Nursery School Community Room was officially opened by Graham Stuart MP, Tia Penrose-Harrison the eldest girl attending nursery school and Leo Hayes the eldest boy attending nursery. Hornsea Nursery School provides pre-school education for children aged 2 to 4 years.  The school currently has approximately 150 children on roll over two sites.  The Willows Drive is our main site; currently we have 125 children on roll at there.  In September 2015, we opened a smaller site within Hornsea Burton School and we now have 24 children on roll. Hornsea Nursery School is judged by Ofsted as Good with elements of Outstanding.   The ethos of Hornsea Nursery is that ‘Children come first and everything we do must support them in their education’.  As a non-statutory provider of education we are innovative in the way that we deliver this ethos.  Community is at the centre of our school and our community room is a project that provides direct support to children and families across Hornsea.   Alongside prudent financial management and support from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the school spent a long time undertaking fundraising activities to pay for the community room and it was built in summer 2015.  The room cost £93,000 to build and it is a defined teaching space, as well as providing space for specialist and community activities.  The room was designed and installed by Ideal Building Systems of Bridlington.   We have been also been supported by Howden Kitchens who are providing new kitchen facilities in the school valued over £10,000.  During Easter 2016, we are having a child friendly kitchen installed in the school to provide a further space for the children to learn and develop.   In summer 2015, Hornsea Nursery School received £10,000 from ‘Awards for All’ to install a 4d Immersive Space in the community room.  This space now provides an innovative way to engage children in developing language and communication skills in the nursery.   We have recently received two other grants, £7,400 from Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner via his CCRF initiative and £3,000 from Neil Hudgell solicitors.  This funding is being used to develop a sensory room for children and their parents.   The Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner has also provided funding to support families with confidence building activities.  We are now working with parents to develop a programme of activities that will actively support them.  We are taking a co-productive approach, we do not want to prescribe what parents might want, instead we are empowering parents and carers to identify need, develop peer support networks, building confidence and capacity.   Matthew Grove has kindly agreed to come back into school on 18th March to meet parents and see what how we are progressing the project.   Coffee Mornings We will be holding two coffee morning/afternoon events on 4th February at 10.30 am and 25th February at 2.30 pm for parents whose children attend Hornsea Nursery School.  We will be holding a parent and child ‘take and make’ event on 8th March at 2.30pm.   Police and Crime Commissioner Visit Matthew Grove will be visiting nursery on 18th March at 2 pm to meet the children, staff, governors and parents.   Howden Kitchens We are really pleased to announce that Howden Kitchens have agreed to provide the school with two new kitchens; one in the community room and a complete refit of the main kitchen.  The community room kitchen has already been installed and a further kitchen will be installed at Easter.  This new kitchen will be completely child friendly and will enable us to engage children in a new range of learning and development experiences.   Rotary Club Support – Hornsea Rotary Club have agreed to make the Nursery School one of the nominated charities for their forthcoming musical extravaganza on 26th February at 7.15 pm to be held at Hornsea Floral Hall.  Tre Amici will be the headline act and tickets will be on sale at £10 each.

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