New Plans for Skate Park

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HORNSEA TOWN COUNCIL TOWN HALL, 75a NEWBEGIN, HORNSEA, EAST YORKSHIRE HU18 1PA Telephone: (01964) 532252 Fax: (01964) 536891  Email: [email protected] Web Site:        
    Joanna Richardson Clerk to the Council     Hornsea Town Council Skate Park   It has become common knowledge that the Hornsea Skate Park, in Hall Garth Park, has been extremely popular. So much so that now it is worn out and has (almost) come to the end of its life. Therefore it was temporarily closed in the summer for safety reasons. The Town Council took expert advice and placed a contract to carry out emergency repairs so that the Skate Park could be re-opened in mid-August. The Town Council is advised that the repairs will allow the Skate Park to continue whilst plans are explored to replace the ramps. In the meantime The Town Council has been approached by a professional skateboarder called Paul Regan who has offered to work with the Council on a new design. Paul, who lived in Hornsea, was one of a teenager group who were instrumental in setting up the old Skate Park and was a member of the Hornsea Skate Park Club. This was a User Group given the task of raising the capital cost, carrying out the design and ensuring the project was built to their specification. Not a small task for teenagers, but they succeeded and along the way learnt new skills for use in later life. These young men and ladies are now in their late twenties and have used these talents to forge their own careers and it is good to see how they have succeeded and now wish to help others to appreciate the experiences that they had previously enjoyed.  Paul is one of these talented people who want to give something back to the community that developed them and has approached Hornsea Town Council to offer his knowledge and experience. His website is shown below and he will be pleased to answer your questions:-   It is now time for the current generation of Skate Park users to “step up to the plate” and form a User Group to design and develop a replacement Skate Park for wheeled sports. The Hornsea Town Council have agreed to explore the possibility of providing a replacement  and are now inviting those interested in forming a Skate Park User Group to write to the: Skate Park User Group, Hornsea Town Council at 75a Newbegin, Hornsea HU18 1PA giving the following details:   Name, Age, Address, Telephone, Email   Young people under the age of 18 must also include written permission from a parent or guardian and of course any parent who wishes to join us will be very welcome. The aim is to ensure that the children of Hornsea and District enjoy and own their Skate Park.      

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