New Parking Rules

  Councillors at the October Town Council meeting had a tough task in reviewing the new car parking measures for Cinema Street adopted six months ago. In an effort to prevent people from parking  there all day and thereby restricting parking spaces for shoppers and other s, they had opted to enforce the 2 hour restriction with £70 fines for those who failed to conform. This, however, had provoked a furious response from some shop owners who tried, unsuccessfully to persuade the Council to change its decision. Councillors reported that the response after the six month trial period had been generally positive. Councillor Angus Robinson had conducted a survey and observed that the car park was being well used with a healthy turnover of vehicles. Fifteen letters from the public had been received with a wide range of suggestions for amendments to the ruling. This was reflected in the meeting as councillors put forward several unsuccessful motions ranging from returning to no restrictions to extending the restricted period to four hours. In the end a compromise was finally reached in which it was agreed to extend the permitted parking time to three hours with no return permitted within one hour. The new rule has been put into effect immediately. Jamie Goodlass, who had campaigned against the restrictions, concerned that they would adversely affect the customers of his hairdressing salon, welcomed the new ruling although he would have preferred an extension to four hours.

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