Local mum takes Hornsea online with a virtual summer fair

Hornsea online summer fair

AS SUMMER events and the Hornsea Carnival are cancelled due to the Coronavirus a local mum has decided to create an online fair.

Hannah Cressey, 29 is a stay at home Mum to her 13-month-old daughter Mia.

Hannah and her daughter Mia

For over 10 years Hannah ran her own wedding music business ‘Hannah Jane Music’ playing the piano and singing at weddings and events.  During maternity leave Hannah temporarily stopped performing while filling her diary for 2020. The lockdown has resulted in all of the events for this year being either cancelled or postponed.

Hannah is usually busy as a wedding singer

Hannah wanted to find another opportunity to generate income and fulfill her desire to work. As her daughter loves Usborne books, she set up a ‘My own children’s book shop’ business with them.

Inspiration for organising the event

Hannah has organised the online summer fair for the weekend of June 13 and 14. There are many businesses, artists and performers on board.  She commented: “I came up with the idea of the event because of my own music business coming to a complete halt. It made me think of all the other businesses who may be struggling.   Also, my Stepdad has been in Castle Hill hospital for two months now fighting Covid19.  He is only 44.  He was told he had a 1% chance of survival. Thankfully he is now Covid19 free and is in a recovery ward building up his strength.  By the time he is well enough to come home he will have been in hospital for three months.  We almost lost him, but the NHS have saved his life. It got me thinking about charities and particularly local charities who may be struggling.  Being a performer myself I know there will be a lot of local performers suddenly completely out of work and so I wanted to help.”

Hannah decided the best way would be to come up with a platform for everyone to showcase their businesses.  The only way that is possible now is via social media.  Hannah is now working tirelessly trying to organise and plan the event.

Summer fair details

There are lots of confirmed businesses taking part – from her own children’s book shop, to dog accessories, reusable and recyclable goods, handmade gifts and afternoon tea delivered to your door. There are also confirmed singers performing live, a comedy act, games for people to interact with and giveaways.

A raffle has also been organised with the money raised going to WISHH a charity supporting Hull Royal and Castle Hill hospitals.  The prizes have been donated by the businesses taking part.  Hannah commented: “I have some very exciting and very generous raffle prizes so far. I’ll be sharing details on the raffle in the event page once the businesses taking part have all been confirmed.

“I just think this could be a really amazing event and I hope lots of people take part and support our local businesses.”

You can find out more and take part in the event via their Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/3227551037268542

The timetable for the Saturday of the summer fair
The timetable for the Sunday of the summer fair

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