Hornsea Town Council Skate Park It has become common knowledge that the Hornsea skate park in Hall Garth Park, which has been extremely popular, is now becoming worn out and has (almost) come to the end of its life. The Town Council has taken expert advice and emergency repairs have been carried out; we hope that this work will allow the skate park to remain open and useable for a few more months. In the meantime The Town Council has agreed that work should start to explore the possibility of replacing this popular facility. The Council are using this as an opportunity to examine other sites, owned by the Town Council, which could be used as an alternative location for a skate park. Preliminary results suggest that the replacement costs will be significant and it is probable that any scheme to relocate the skate park could be double the cost of using the current site. The original skate park was funded by external donations, rather than by Hornsea Town Council, and if we are to replace it then the Council will need to explore similar methods of funding. To this end any application must prove that there is a real demand for a replacement. Funding for the original facility was made possible because the local skaters organised themselves into a user group to demonstrate a need for their desired equipment. This time, when the Town Council applies for funds for a replacement park, the same situation will arise. The funding agencies will request evidence of a ‘demand’ and again, we will do this via a skate park user group. Such a group will also be able to discuss their ideas about location, design and materials of construction. The Hornsea Town Council have supported the proposal for replacement but we need help from the users to access any grants, without which the project cannot go ahead. Skate park users are essential to this project and the Town Council is inviting those interested in assisting in replacing the skate park to write to the: Skate Park User Group, Hornsea Town Council,  75a Newbegin, Hornsea HU18 1PA giving the following details: Name Age Address Telephone Email   Alternatively emails to:   Joanna Richardson TOWN CLERK [email protected]  will be accepted.   Young people under the age of 18 must also include written permission from a parent or guardian and, of course, any parent who wishes to join us will be very welcome. The aim is to ensure that the children of Hornsea and district continue to enjoy and own their skate park.   Issued by Hornsea Town Council October 2015    

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