HARP AGM Hornsea Area Regeneration Partnership held its Annual General meeting at the Town Hall on Thursday 18th February with several members of the public in attendance. Simon Tudor, the Manager of Hornsea Freeport, began the meeting with a brief update of the latest developments there. Kames Capital, the new owners, are property developers with a £55 million portfolio who tried unsuccessfully to buy the business in 2010 when it last went into administration. They own two other retail outlet centres in Clacton and Ebbw Vale where they have invested large sums of capital and turned them into thriving enterprises. They plan to do the same here. The first task will be to give the site a major facelift, including refurbishment of the toilets, new signage, lighting, shop fronts and repairs. They also intend to introduce new leisure facilities to attract families and attract new retailers. Five new tenants are already expected in May. The new owners are also aware of the history of the site and intend to honour and revive some of the spirit and atmosphere that existed during the heyday of Hornsea Pottery when it was a hugely popular visitor attraction. Felicity Clayton, the HARP co-ordinator then gave a report of progress in 2015 and plans for 2016. The proposed South Promenade Boat Compound Redevelopment spearheaded by ERYC (featured in issue 10) is currently passing through the Council’s Planning Department following public consultations in 2015. A business plan is being drawn up so that the project is well placed to take advantage of new rounds of funding from FLAG and the Coastal Communities Fund. £5 million will need to be secured to extend the boat compound, add a new multi-functional building, relocate the car park and improve the recreational areas. The designs by local artist, Adelle Howitt, for the proposed Hornsea Pottery Trail received very positive feedback from various exhibitions around the town in 2015. Applications are now being prepared for funding from the Arts Council (£50,000) and the Heritage Lottery Fund (£45,000) towards the cost of phase 1 (£156,000). ERYC are expected to contribute £25,000 from various pot, leaving a further £36,000 to be sought from other sources. Also in 2015, another Visitor Orientation Map was introduced at Eastgate Car Park , funding secured for the Local Market, and Sea Front Audits and Footfall Counts conducted and assessed. 2016 should see the introduction of banners and floral displays in the town centre, bicycle lockers at the Leisure Centre and the launch of the new Hornsea Website For full details of HARP’s aims and activities or to become involved contact Felicity Clayton on 01482 391645 or email: [email protected]

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