Town set to receive expensive gifts At the HARP (Hornsea Area Regeneration Partnership) meeting of Thursday 18th November board members were given updates of several projects which look set to bring in substantial investment. The largest project is the proposed South Promenade Boat Compound Development spearheaded by East Riding Council. Planning permission has been granted and the Council are continuing to develop the business plan and apply for funding. The Stage 1 application to the Coastal Communities Fund was successful and they have been invited to stage 2 (still competitive) (£3.9 million). A full application has been submitted to the European Marine Fisheries Fund for improvements to on-shore facilities (£600,000). They have also applied to the Westermost Rough Fishing Community Fund and been awarded £35,000 towards the cost of the new Maintenance Shed for the Fishermen. So far a total of £53,890 has been spent on research and planning with an expected £4.5 million total expenditure for the whole project. The second major project is the Hornsea Pottery Heritage Trail which aims to place works of art around the town to celebrate the Pottery. This also involves considerable sums of money and is on the verge of becoming a reality. £113,000 has now been secured through: ERYC grant schemes (£25,000), the St Hughes Foundation (£4.500), HLF (26.5k) and ACE (56k). A further £17,000 is now being sought to enable delivery of the first phase of the trail (£130,000) which will include 8 pieces of art work to be chosen by the steering group as well as a poetry project involving workshops with the schools which is already underway. Over £12,000 has already been spent to reach this stage and the total cost of the project will be £250,000.   Finally members heard from Nick Middleton of the Smile Foundation who has been appointed by the Hollis Family Trust to administer a £194,000 donation to the town. This is the same Trust that was responsible for the creation of the Hollis Recreation Ground where so much of our sport is played. The trust expressed a wish for a substantial proportion of the funds to be shared between the Sports Association and Hornsea Inshore Rescue. Consequently almost half of the funding has already been spent on a new state of the art custom built marine tractor for HIR. However, Mr Middleton has been employed for a two year period to offer his help and expertise to all members of the community. Until now he has been trying to establish contacts with as many local groups as possible to gain an overall impression of what the town needs and assess in which ways he might be of use. He has considerable experience of working with both large and small charities as well as funding bodies and is willing to help groups to develop funding applications. He can be contacted via email at: [email protected] The Smile Foundation also have a facility called the Vault which lends out a wide range of equipment for indoor and outdoor events to local groups for free. Find out more from   Bearing in mind the major investments in our neighbouring coastal towns, Bridlington and Withernsea, in recent years, these projects at least demonstrate that Hornsea hasn’t been totally forgotten! Whether they represent a wise use of the funds is open for debate and will become clearer in the course of time. It would be interesting to hear readers’ views in this respect.

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