ERYC Responds to Lets Go Hornsea

Dear residents, Firstly, thank you for attending our recent Let’s Go Hornsea AGM.  I am sharing with you an email we have received from our speaker James Durham in answer to some of the questions posed at the meeting.   Could the Market Place Traffic Lights be removed? The main problem here is the volume of traffic going through the junction which has essentially surpassed the capacity of the junction to cope at certain times.  To solve such a problem would require a radical (possibly controversial) and expensive solution.  At this time there are no proposals for any such solution. In respect of comments about the junction operating well when the traffic lights were out of order; that does very much depend on where you are coming from and going to and who does / doesn’t have priority.  Whilst some may fair better others would not.  Generally when the lights are out the side roads and pedestrians are the ones who have to give way and some form of traffic control is required to allow pedestrians to cross safely.  The traffic lights allow the junction to operate safely at all times, even if at some times, or from certain approaches, congestion was perceived to be better when the lights were out.   Could there be Yellow Box Arrangements instead of ‘keep clear’ markings at Market Place? In the context of Market Place, the introduction of yellow box markings would not make a difference.  ‘Keep clear’ means what it says, whereas the yellow box markings mean you can only enter the area marked if your exit is clear.   Investment in the A1035? Leven to Seaton – patching work is taking place soon then there will be surface dressing next year to help seal the surface and resolve more minor issues.  Work has already taken place on the Seaton to Hornsea Section of the road to repair the surface.   Mill Lane/Mount Pleasant- dangerous parking Although cars park in Mount Pleasant at both sides of the road there is still sufficient room for delivery vehicles etc achat viagra generique geneve to gain safe egress onto Mill Lane/Atwick Road- the site was recently visited by our area engineer.  I must point out that as Mount Pleasant is a one way street then traffic can only exit onto Mill Lane/Atwick Road.  The Mill Lane/Mount Pleasant junction traffic management arrangement, including parking could be looked at as part of a current proposed traffic calming scheme for this bit of road, but it would need support from the area engineer.   Parking and access to the Surgery and Hospital on Eastgate Our Area Engineer is aware that vehicles are regularly parked along Eastgate opposite the access to the hospital and doctor’s surgery however to date he has not received any complaints from either of these sites regarding problems gaining access/egress.  Any new parking restrictions require a Traffic Regulation Order and the cost associated with the advertising and legal paperwork is currently in the region of £3,500.  Bearing in mind the current financial climate and cuts to our budgets then we will only consider introducing new restrictions where there is a history of accidents or serious concerns for road safety.  I must also point out that in many cases the introduction of parking restrictions will simply move the problem further along the street.  Unfortunately it is unlikely that any new measures will be implemented at this site in the foreseeable future. The Council looks at requests for resident parking schemes and controlled parking zones and has a long list of requests to be assessed however there are no plans to introduce any new schemes in the immediate future.   Problems on Eastgate due to School Drop-off/Pick-up Our Schools Asset Manager has not had any complaints about traffic issues near the site recently.  There are no plans to introduce drop-off and pick-up areas within the School site as the use of funding on this cannot be justified.”  email from James Durham   Let’s Go Hornsea Regeneration Group suggest that if you have any further questions or queries regarding roads or traffic management that you direct them to the appropriate department at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Kind regards, Jan Harris, Secretary, Let’s Go Hornsea Regeneration Group  

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