End for the Alex

PLANS to convert the former Alexandra Hotel in Hornsea into apartments have been submitted to East Riding planning department. The plans would see the former pub and hotel demolished with a visually similar building in its place housing nine apartments.
The Alexandra was built in 1867 as a four-storey property and at the time was the main hotel in Hornsea with the railway station next door. The top two floors of the hotel were removed many years ago leaving only the ground floor and first floor with a flat roof. The property falls within the Hornsea conservation area but is not a listed building.
Various options for the redevelopment of the building have been submitted with the application by owners Foxglove Investments (Developments) Ltd from Beverley who purchased the property for £180,600. The costings show the comparisons to repair and upgrade the external structure and internally redevelop to provide only four new apartments, enhancing the building with an extra storey and extensive internal development to create seven apartments and the option that planning has been sought which is to demolish and rebuild into nine new apartments on a similar footprint. The development is estimated to cost £1.17m providing a significant investment in the town.
The planned nine apartments include two single bedroomed apartments and seven apartments with two bedrooms. The three ground floor apartments and one of the three first floor apartments have been valued provisionally by Quick and Clarke estate agents in October to be around £110,000-£155,000. The two further first floor apartments which are proposed to come with a parking space each have been given an approximate value of £165,000 and £170,000. There are then proposed to be two apartments on the second floor almost double the size of the lower properties valued at approximately £225,000 each with a parking space and one large penthouse apartment with two parking spaces valued at approximately £350,000. Quick and Clarke also support the decision to rebuild and service the apartments with a lift and superior quality accommodation.
Publican partnerships who were the previous owner of the property have confirmed the pub had had three occupants in the last year all of whom it says struggled despite “minimal rents and significant beer discounts”, the statement also said: “The beer sales from the site have consistently fallen in each of the last three years suggesting that the site has no economic future as a pub.”
Tom Young from Foxglove Investments Group said: “We are delighted to able to share our plans for the proposed redevelopment of the former Alexandra Hotel, with the submission of the planning application. After consulting with numerous stakeholders, residential use was identified as the most appropriate future use for the site and demolition of the existing building and replacement with a new building, is the only viable way to bring such a scheme forward. As a result of fire damage in the late 1950’s, the current two storey flat roof building is a mutilated form of the original four storey structure with pitched roof. Our intention is to develop a high-quality building of similar massing and scale as the original building with three main floors and another in the attic space, located on the plot in a similar position to the existing building so as to retain its relationship with its neighbours and the street scene.”

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