Election Fever

Despite (or perhaps because of?) the widely publicised disillusionment with mainstream politics, there is a strong field of candidates for all three of the forthcoming elections in our area, as well as plenty of interest from the public.

The emergence of smaller parties at a national level is reflected in the list of six contestants to be our new MP for Beverley and Holderness, with representatives from Yorkshire First, UKIP and the Greens providing opposition to the mainstream parties. There are also eight applicants to fill the two seats on East Riding Council allocated to the North Holderness Ward.
Meanwhile, we have seen a surge of interest in serving on our Town Council. Although the South end of the town will not be contested as there are only six candidates for the six seats available, the North end has eleven applicants to fill the eight places allocated. In recent times it has been a struggle to coopt people onto the council so these 1elections would appear to represent a welcome boost to democracy.


Under the stewardship of North Holderness Churches Together, a lively but well mannered evening was enjoyed at the Town Hall on Friday 17th April, as a packed hall listened to the presentations of our six parliamentary candidates.
Mike Hubbard chaired the meeting and laid the ground rules to ensure that the occasion was not marred by any of the slanging matches or unsavoury behaviour that we often see in Westminster. All the candidates responded well, whilst demonstrating their commitment to serving the interests of our area and were warmly applauded by the audience as they responded to some challenging questions. Although this paper aims to remain strictly politically neutral, we feel it is important that everyone in the town is as well informed as possible about who is aiming to represent their interests on the various councils. Therefore we invited all of the candidates to present their case in no more than three hundred words, and the result is the four page pullout that you will find inside this paper. To our knowledge, this is the first time that everyone in the town will have been so well informed and we are pleased to have made this small contribution towards democracy. We wish all of the candidates well in their quest to serve the people  and hope that those who are elected are able to do so honourably.

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