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In common with other councils, East Riding subsidises a number of bus services which would not otherwise operate because they are not commercially viable, but which help meet a social need. Currently it spends £1.3 million a year in this way, but is looking to reduce it by £600,000 – a cut of 46%. The changes would come in from April next year, and a set of proposals is out for consultation. As far as Hornsea is concerned the main impact is on the 246 route to Beverley, but the 220 Sunday service to Aldborough is also affected. Hornsea to Beverley buses currently run 13 times a day Monday to Friday, and 6 of these would be cut as from 1st April 2017 (the 6.05, 6.35, 10.30, 12.30. 14.30, and 19.15). In the reverse direction 5 out of 14 would lose their funding (the 7.00, 10.20, 12.20, 14.20, and 18.30). The proposals for Saturday are similar, except the 8.15 from Beverley would also be lost. As for Sundays, nothing changes until April 2018 when everything goes except one journey each way (9.30 from Hornsea, and 18.15 from Beverley). The 220 changes would also come into effect from 2018 and would see the end of Sunday buses on this route, although other days are unchanged. Other routes in and out of Hornsea are unaffected by this particular set of proposals, although it’s possible there could be a knock-on effect on the commercially-run services. So if any of this affects you directly – or you are just concerned about the general impact on the town – do let ERYC know about it. The consultation runs from 28th June to 28th August and details are on the Council’s website : Alternatively email: [email protected] or tel 01482 395008. There are also drop-in sessions where you can discuss your concerns face-to-face with a Council officer. The one for Hornsea is on Wed 10th August, 10.30 to 1.30, in the Town Hall. We are assured this is a genuine consultation, and changes will be made if the case is strong enough! John Rodgers

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