Conservation camp in Bouaye France

Hornsea is twinned with the town of Bouaye in France, near to Nantes.  This year we have been invited to participate in a conservation camp which is being held in the grounds of an old Mansion House on the outskirts of the town of Bouaye.

I am attaching a copy of the original letter but on reflection I think the original information perhaps lost something in the translation into English. It would certainly be an opportunity for young people to mix with other youngsters of a different nationality and enjoy the adventure. Please see below a copy of the original invitation:- Our party would be met at the airport in Nantes and would be escorted to the appropriate airport in England and the reverse would happen on the return journey. Each participant would be required to fill in a health form and general details Please see below a copy of the original invitation:-



An international youth project is one in which young people meet and commit to a collective project. It is also the opportunity for young people to meet and exchange; to acquire an enriching, intercultural group experience. The stay can be divided into two main periods:  (mornings) under the supervision of monitors professionally trained in the environmental field, and a time for relaxation and leisure. The group is also responsible for organizing activities (afternoons) under the supervision of a team of monitors (responsible for the group).The group, in addition to fieldwork, agrees to organise daily tasks such as shopping, meals and leisure time activities (cultural visits etc).   Pedagogical Objectives: The aim of this project is to:
  • Motivate young people to participate in an environmental project ;
  • Enable young people to organize and effect an educational and fun camp ;
  • Build exchanges between young people of Bouaye and their counterparts in the twinned towns of Hornsea, England and Lesina, Italy.
Piloting of the project: The project is piloted by the Youth Service of Bouaye. Public : The camp is intended for young people between the ages of 14-17.  The group will comprise 12 young people, 6 from Bouaye and 6 from towns twinned with Bouaye. Details of the Camp :
  • Date :The stay is to last 10 days from  Sunday, July 19 to Wednesday, July 29, 2015.
  • Contents :
  1. 7 mornings are scheduled to carry out the project (examples: land clearing prior to the implementation of a cycling path, construction of insect nesting boxes).
  2. Leisure and cultural activities for the afternoons will be organized by the young people in collaboration with Bouaye Youth Service.
Framework: The group will be supervised (day and night) by two qualified youth camp monitors ( one of whom I understand speaks very good English) and equally by the manageress of the Youth Service. Accommodation :The group will be accommodated in tents on the ‘Domaine de la Mévellière’ site in Bouaye. The Youth Service will be responsible for providing any necessary equipment. Each participant is required to bring his/her own affairs, ground mat and sleeping bag (Will have to check about this as I was given to understand that bedding would be provided)
  • Enrolment and contact details :
It is an obligation to fill in an accompanying dossier to be transmitted to the Youth Service. This will include family contact details and health information. Families are required to participate financially. Price : €180 per adolescent for the 10 day stay. For further information please contact the Youth Service, Mme Orain Elisabeth, Responsable du service jeunesse ([email protected])
  So if you are between the ages of 14 years and 17 years, interested in travel and communicating with both French and Italian youngsters. Please consider this camp; it really is a superb opportunity. If you would like further information please contact Suzanne Keam: mobile 07870 738814 or email: [email protected]. The Twinning Association is also in the process of applying for funding to aid with the transport costs of a return journey to Bouaye.

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